Meet Sandeep Garg

Sandeep GargSandeep is a current student in the Bachelor of Nursing course at Parramatta campus. 

Sandeep did not attend University straight from High School, he entered as a mature aged student. 

We asked Sandeep to share with us what student life is like and what words of wisdom he would share with future Western Sydney University students: 

My experience at Western is that faculty members are friendly and approachable.

The curriculum is designed to build a strong academic foundation for the students. All subjects blend together to enhance the learning. The study options and the timetables are appropriately flexible.

I visited many university campuses. I cherish the green landscape of the campus. The Parramatta campus houses a very large library with numerous study areas.

The environment, proximity and connectivity to public transport were the deciding factors for choosing UWS as my place for study.

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