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2020 HDR Conference

HDR Conference Abstract Booklet

2nd and 3rd of July 2020, Webinar format

The HDR Conference is an annual event that brings together SoNM HDR students, along with their supervisors and interested staff, to present research projects, generate discussion, and provide an opportunity to network. It is one of the research highlights of the year in the SoNM. This year is a little different with the shift to an online webinar format. We hope that you enjoy the 3 minute presentations from students who are one or more years into their candidature. This year there will be four groups of student presentations with opportunities to ask questions after each group. Students are also invited to enter the three minute thesis competition (3MT) being held on the 16th July and represent the school at university level if they are successful. At the end of each day of the HDR conference we undertake the annual progress reports review where we can assess progress through candidature and look for areas where we need to support our students better. This book of abstracts will provide you with an insight into each students presentation at the 2020 HDR conference.

Dr Elaine Burns


Group of students in scarf

Closing the cultural gap

Having to be bare below the elbows is something many of us in health care take in our stride, but for our Muslim nursing and midwifery colleagues, clinical requirements like these can conflict with cultural or religious beliefs.

Image of students

Balanced empowerment, better world: The case of Kuranko Community, Kalian Chiefdom in Sierra Leone, West Africa

International Women’s Day theme for this year “better the balance, better the world” aligns perfectly well with global and continental policy frameworks.

Marama Kay small image

Staff Giving Program gives opportunities to students via scholarships

Meet Marama Mackay – an inspiring and high-achieving scholarship student in her first year of the Bachelor of Nursing at Hawkesbury campus who is a recipient of an Community Scholarship......

Small image Dr Stacy Blythe

Dr Stacy Blythe invited to take part in a short documentary regarding foster care

Dr Stacy Blythe was invited to be part of a short documentary regarding foster care.....

Small image Suzanne Morgan

Virtual nursing

Small business owner and mother of four Suzanne Morgan won't miss out on getting a taste of clinical practice, despite living far from your university campus.

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