Bilingualism Research Lab

Our Vision

Joining the expertise of the Western Sydney University School of Humanities and Communication Arts and the Jinan University College of Chinese Language and Culture's excellence and reputation in Chinese and other language teaching, the joint Bilingualism Research Lab (BRL) will promote excellence and innovation in the fields of bilingualism research, its application to language teaching, commitment to community service, ventures into business and educational partnerships starting from Chinese and extending to other languages.

It will serve the Greater Western Sydney and international bi-multilingual communities to promote global citizenship.


  • Dedicated to the study of bilingualism and language acquisition and the application to Chinese and other language teaching and heritage language maintenance in diverse environments and communities
  • Become a hub of language research, teaching and engagement in Australia and in China
  • Act as a catalyst for the development, promotion, and dissemination of innovative language teaching and scholarship as well as cutting-edge research
  • Create innovative and flexible bilingualism, Chinese and other language learning materials to meet the rapidly increasing demands in China and other language-learning regions
  • Promote cross-cultural communication awareness and services
  • Serve as a platform to expand the University's connections to and cooperation with schools and educational and industrious organizations all over the world
  • Offer a special channel to promote Western Sydney University in China and Jinan University in Australia