Our People

Key People in Our School

Dean of School

Professor Matt McGuire 

Deputy Dean
Dr Rachel Bentley 

Associate Dean, Engagement
Dr Rachel Morley

Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
Dr Alex Ling

Associate Dean, International
Dr Asha Chand

Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching
Dr Roger Dawkins

Associate Dean, Research
Associate Professor Alison Downham Moore

Directors of Academic Programs

Dr Di Dickenson, Arts

Dr Nicole Bridges, Creative Industries, Communication, Screen Media

Dr Alison Gill, Design (Visual Communication)

Dr Peter Mauch, Languages, Linguistics, I&T and TESOL

Dr Clare Maclean, Music and Music Therapy

School Manager 

Ridwan Haq

First Year Advisors

Dr Charles Barbour, Arts, Languages, Linguistics, Interpreting & Translation, and TESOL

Dr Navin Doloswala, Communication, Creative Industries, Design, Music and Screen Media

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