Current HDR Candidates

Abdullah Al Shehri

Universal Human Rights: The Charter of Medina and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Supervisors: Jan Ali, Linda Briskman
Adrijana Tomovic

Multiliteracy Skills of Australian Higher Degree Research Students: Challenges and Solutions

Supervisors: Ping Yang, Adrian Hale

Aisha Makhdoom

When Fact Becomes Fiction and Fiction Becomes Fact: A Post Modernist Study of Selected Graphic Memoirs.

Supervisors: Dimitris Vardoulakis, Anthony Uhlmann


Andi Susilo

Developing EFL Students’ Critical Intercultural Awareness in Indonesian Tertiary Context: The Use of Video Clip-Assisted Intercultural Tasks

Supervisors: Ping Yang, Ruying Qi


Anum Sikandar

An analysis of the jihad discourse in the Australian newspapers

Supervisors: Jan Ali, Margarite Poulos


Behrad Rezaei

Insomnia: The Affordance of Media Theory and Hybrid Media in Visualising a Sleep Disorder

Supervisor: Greg Hughes


Benjamin Muir

The McMillan Diaries and “Grief, Trauma and Letting go in Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves”

Supervisors: Anthony Uhlmann, Chris Conti


Billy Tonkin

Excavating the Holocaust: Voices from the Warsaw Ghetto

Supervisor:  Alison Downham Moore


Brittani Ivan

Mapping the Public Library: The Australian Subscription Library and the Evolving Imaginary of the Public in 19th C Sydney

Supervisors: Simon Burrows, Carol Liston


Claire Deak

Perceptions and conceptions of Francesca Caccini (1587–1645) & Barbara Strozzi (1619–1677): Sensing the past through contemporary composition practice.

Supervisor: Clare Maclean

Dalia Badawi 

Dalia Badawi

Intercultural Communication Competence: Investigating Culture-Specific Translation Performance of Arabic Students.

Supervisor: Ping Yang


Daniel Carey

Architecture, Interpretation, and Life

Supervisors: Dennis Schmidt, Peter Hutchings


Dawne Fahey

Visualising Empathy: An alchemist in the Landscape

Supervisors: Hart Cohen, Rachel Morley


Dolla Merrillees


Supervisors:  Tegan Daylight, Kate Fagan, Rachel Morley


Eagle Thespian Ryanzke

An Exploration of Embodied Becoming Through Powerlifting

Supervisors: Alex Ling, Chris Fleming


Faisal Sayani

The Past Disregarded: Recovering the political history of Pakistan with documentary prose (working title)

Supervisor: Ben Etherington, Tegan Daylight


Farz Edraki

Who gets to tell whose stories? Testimonial narrative approaches to fiction

Supervisors: Felicity Castagna, Anne Jamison


Gillian Leahy

Baxter and Me:  Dog Human Relationships

Supervisors: Hart Cohen, Emma Power


Gloria Tabi

A Critical Investigation into the Role of Race in Research And organisational Actions on Workplace Racism in Australia.

Supervisor: Alana Lentin


Hannan Lewsley

The Novel as an Ecological Actor: A Reparative Poetics

Supervisors: Lorraine Sim, Anthony Uhlmann


Huong Ho

The Acquisition of Lexical Mapping in Vietnamese L2 and English L2

Supervisors: Chong Han, Satomi Kawaguchi, Bruno Di Biase


Ian Tasker

The Constitutional Debates Effect on Australian Colonial Astronomy (1912-1941)

Supervisors: Brett Bowden, Alison Downham Moore


Jake Goetz

The Ecological Anti-Epic: Unsettling Environmental Myth-Conceptions Through Contemporary Longform Ecopoetics

Supervisors: Kate Fagan, Helen Koukoutsis


Jane Chanell

Diachronic morphology in noun-noun words in Mandarin Chinese

Supervisors: Robert Mailhammer, Rachel Hendery


John Cusbert

Constrained writing using formal logic: A novel based on Goedel's incompleteness theorems

Supervisors: Anthony Uhlmann, Chris Fleming


Josh Mostafa

Storyworld Orality: Europe Before Writing in Fictional Narrative

Supervisors: Ben Etherington, Kate Fagan, Sara Knox


Judith Jonker

“If nothing else it was colonial”. The 1854 Sydney Exhibition of natural and industrial resources held at the Australian Museum

Supervisors: Bridget Brooklyn, Carol Liston


Julie Vulcan

Touching Dark: Multi-Species Worlds and Relational Matters of the Dark

Supervisors: Chris Fleming, Milissa Deitz, Anna Gibbs


Kithmini Ranaweera

Orientalism Re-imagined: Revisiting the US ‘othering’ of Modern Peripheral Regional Orders through President Obama’s Pivot to Asia-Pacific policy

Supervisors: Brett Bowden, Karen Entwistle


Karen Fitz-Gibbon

A Canary in a Coalmine

Supervisors: Andrew Milne, Alison Short, Waldo Garrido


Keiko Okabe

Honorifics and non-honorifics for teasing in Japanese

Supervisor: Xiangdong Liu


Kian Aspinall

Fascism and the Re-Articulation of the Human: Racial Capitalism and the Anti-Fascism of Twentieth Century Black Radicals

Supervisors: Alana Lentin, Ben Etherington


Lene Majgaard Jeffrey

Exploring integrative self-awareness processes: A voice and meditation approach to wellbeing

Supervisors: Alison Short, Alex Norman


Lilik Istiqomah

Engaging Indonesian English language education students in translating academic texts through Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools: Translation as a multimodal task

Supervisors: Ping Yang, Hiromi Muranaka


Louise Fanning

"How Do I Look?": #MeToo and the Representation of the Cinematic Woman's Inner Life-Themes of Myth and Power 

Supervisors: Alison Downham Moore, Alex Ling


Luca Alexander Simonian

Classical utilitarianism, Theory X, and Parfit’s population problems

Supervisors: John Hadley, Chris Fleming


Mahasta Zare

The cross-cultural adaptation experiences of Persian speakers in Australian context

Supervisors: Mustapha Taibi, Robert Mailhammer

Mai Abualsamh  

Mai Abualsamh

Pragmatic Transfer in Advice-Giving as a Speech Act of Saudi Students in Australia

Supervisors: Ping Yang, Mustapha Taibi


Margot Dunphy

Admired and Despised: Women in the Outside. A study of western women working in the cultural fringe industries in Tokyo during the Bubble and beyond

Supervisors: Rachel Bentley, Alison Gill


Michael Ward

Australia for the Australians: A Study of the Bulletin and Australian Nationalism in the Twentieth Century

Supervisors: Bridget Brooklyn, Margarite Poulos


Misty McPhail

Being There, Online: Co-Creating Digital Festivity at Online Writers’ Festivals

Supervisors: Rachel Morley, Ned Rossiter, Ivor Indyk


Qiang Guo

A Study of Bilingual Development of a Mandarin and English Bilingual Preschool Child from China to Australia

Supervisors: Ruying Qi, Dacheng Zhu

Quyen Tran 

Quyen Tran

Social Media in English Language Teaching in Higher Education in Vietnam

Supervisors: Ping Yang, Roger Dawkins


Rami Alhazmi

Topics in the Grammar Of Rohingya

Supervisors: Robert Mailhammer, Rachel Hendery


Ramona Kennedy

Impacts of Immersive Cross-cultural experience on Personal Transformation: An auto-ethnographic Approach to Writing Creative Non-fiction

Supervisors: Hart Cohen, Rachel Morley


Ranran Liu

Early Years’ Exposure to Mandarin Vocabulary Learning Through Play: The Case Study in Australia

Supervisors: Ruying Qi, Dacheng Zhao


Rebekah Ward

Angus & Robertson and Mass Reviewing: Promotional Strategies, Cultural Authority, and Australian Publishing, 1895-1949

Supervisors: Simon Burrows, Ivor Indyk, Anne Jamison


Rhiannon Hall

Finding a Voice: poetry, narrative, and authentic character voicing in the young adult verse novel

Supervisors: Felicity Castagna, Kate Fagan

Robert Moss 
Robert Moss
An Intercultural Prosocial Compositional Voice

Supervisors: Bruce Crossman, Clare Maclean

Robert Pastorelli

The Ethics of Enjoyment as a Normative Theory and its Implications for Metaethics

Supervisors: Alex Ling, Diego Bubbio


Sarah Bacaller

Seeking freedom and trust: Hegelian selfhood in tensile relation with the absolute

Supervisors: Diego Bubbio, Dennis Schmidt


Shashiprabha Senanayake

Use of national security for legitimation by democratically elected leaders with authoritarian inclinations

Supervisors: Diane Colman, Brett Bowden, Liwan Liyanage


Shufang Zhang

Exploring Co-performers' Communications in a Newly-Formed Piano Duo

Supervisors: Diana Blom, Peter Keller


Solomon Wakeling

Dream worlds and nightmare realms: focalising dream fictions with child and adult characters

Supervisors: Helen Basides, Dianne Dickenson


Sophia Barnes

The Second Life: Mourning and Memory in Post-Soviet Russia

Supervisors: Chris Conti, Lorraine Sim, Gail Jones


Stephen Ridgeway

Through Aboriginal Eyes: The Emergence of Aboriginal Cinema

Supervisors: Hart Cohen, Rachel Morley


Suri Matondkar

Tongue: Re-orientalism, shame and the Indian non-native speaking experience

Supervisors: Tegan Daylight, Ben Etherington


Umi Pujiyanti

Identity negotiation in Javanese folk songs and their English translations

Supervisors: Uldis Ozolins, Jing Han,


Tao Song

Translating Across Semiotic Borders

Supervisors: Jing Han, Alex Ling


Thilakshi Mallawa Arachchi

Supporting Refugee and Asylum-seeking Women’s Social Media (civic) Literacy in Australia

Supervisors: Simon Burrows, Loshini Naidoo, Tanya Notley


Thomas Costigan

The emergence of Untied States Dollar as Worlds Reserve Currency

Supervisors: Peter Mauch, Brett Bowden, Steven Drakely


Victoria Brookman

Ecological Crisis-Bound Mothering in Contemporary Literature

Supervisors: Milissa Deitz, Lorraine Sim, James Gourley



Investigating Chinese Translation of Australian Children’s Fiction in China

Supervisors: Jing Han, Dianne Dickenson


Xiaorong Yang

Language and Power in Political Discourse --A Pragmatic Analysis on the Regular Press Conferences of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China

Supervisors: Xiangdong Liu, Chong Han


Xuemei Shao

The Development of Critical Thinking in a Chinese English Sequential Bilingual Child: A Case Study

Supervisors: Ruying Qi, Peter Mauch


Yan Xiong

Chinese art exhibitions in Australia: navigating Australian social and political change.

Supervisors: Hart Cohen, David Cubby


Yvonne Edgren

A Loved Child Has Many Names: Jenny Erpenbeck's Poetics of Anamnesis

Supervisors: Sara Knox, Gail Jones, Chris Conti


Zolt Salontai

Destrukturing Christian Theology: Setting forth a Heideggerian and Gadamer re-envisioning of Jesus Christ as a Work of Art

Supervisors: Milad Milani, Dennis Schmidt