Intersect Online Training: Unix Shell and Command Line Basics

Event Name
Intersect Online Training: Unix Shell and Command Line Basics
15 July 2022
09:30 am - 12:30 pm

Address (Room): Zoom


We will use CloudStor SWAN to run our session. Please make sure you have access to CloudStor. Here is a CloudStor user guide.

Why do this course?

The Unix environment is incredibly powerful but quite daunting to the newcomer. Command line confidence unlocks powerful computing resources beyond the desktop, including virtual machines and High Performance Computing. It enables repetitive tasks to be automated. And it comes with a swag of handy tools that can be combined in powerful ways. Getting started is the hardest part, but our helpful instructors are there to demystify Unix as you get to work running programs and writing scripts on the command line.

Every attendee is given a dedicated training environment for the duration of the workshop, with all software and data fully loaded and ready to run.

We teach this course within a GNU/Linux environment. This is best characterised as a Unix-like environment. We teach how to run commands within the Bash Shell. The skills you’ll learn at this course are generally transferable to other Unix environments.

You'll learn:
  • Navigate and work with files and directories (folders)
  • Use a selection of essential tools
  • Combine data and tools to build a processing workflow
  • Automate repetitive analysis using the command line

Speakers: Intersect Trainers

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Name: Jeff Wang

Phone: 0456 269 623

School / Department: Research Services