Campbelltown campus Provost

A message from Professor Gregory Kolt, Provost, Campbelltown campus

Welcome to the Campbelltown campus of Western Sydney University. Over the past few years the campus facilities have had significant upgrades which complement the natural beauty of the location with surrounding rolling green hills, abundant birdlife (the ducks and water hens have right of way on the campus roads), and lakes. Here you will see sculptures from around Australia exhibited in the University's Sculpture Prize, you will find relaxing places to read a book under a tree and places to walk or run.

The campus is 10 minutes walk from Macarthur train station and Macarthur Square Shopping Centre and trains to the city leave every 15 minutes from Macarthur Station. The University provides a regular shuttle bus to and from Macarthur Station.

As Campus Provost, I am interested in all activities on Campus and work with students and academic and professional staff to bring a vibrancy to the student and staff campus life and promote the campus locally. I chair the Campus Provost Committee and oversee the Campus Provost Grants program (for Campbelltown) which supports events on campus to ensure that your time at university is fun as well as providing you with qualifications. At Campbelltown campus there are regular public talks, music, partnerships established with the Campbelltown Arts Centre, Fishers Ghost Fun Run and other activities.

I am encouraging students and staff to be involved in activities on campus and if you would like to be involved or have a suggestion for activities please contact me. Your involvement will be welcome. To contact your campus Provost you can email the Campbelltown Provost on

Partnerships at Campbelltown Campus

Partnerships play a integral role between the University and the Macarthur community. Some of our community partners are listed below:

Campus Provost Grants Scheme

As part of Western Sydney University's commitment to enhancing the vibrancy of each of its campuses, the University has established Campus Provost Committees to meet the diverse needs of the individual campus.

The committee is chaired by the Provost and draws membership from staff and students located on the individual campuses. The Committee is the peak advisory body to the Campus Provost and student campus councils on matters relating to campus life. The committee play a key role in the administration of the Campus Provost Grants Scheme, an initiative that aims to:

  • Build and maintain links between the University campuses and its external communities; and
  • Provide a more vibrant and engaging campus for students and staff.

To apply for a Campus Provost Grant, please visit the Campus Provost Grant page for guidelines and a link to the application form.