Project Management Office

The new and enhanced Project Management Office (PMO) commenced operations in late 2017 and since this time has established an experienced project management workforce.  The team have brought to the PMO their collective experience gained from delivering projects not only within the tertiary environment, but also across state and local governments, and the corporate sector, in both national and international settings.

The PMO is a catalyst for project management transformation within the University and the teams combined expertise provides a variety of support whether through delivering programs such as business improvement and capital project delivery; providing feasibility advice and support to initiate a project through the development of a business case; or developing and delivering project training and developing standard project templates.

Having a centralised PMO negates the need to replicate support arrangements each time a project is initiated and helps the University manage change more efficiently.  The PMO:

  • Provides for the centralised control and management of key projects that affect more than one area of the University (it helps bridge the 'silos' within the University and ensures that areas collaborate effectively)
  • Allows operational managers to maintain their focus and not be distracted by the need to drive and manage change related projects
  • Provides for organisation-wide standards and processes
  • Provides senior management with important information on progress, costs and resources, assisting with key decision making
  • Allows for lessons learned from one project to be adopted and applied to the next initiative