Business Continuity Management

The Business Continuity Management Program is a whole of University approach to build resilience so that in the event of disruption, our critical operations can be recovered.
The BCM Program supports us to:
  • Meet the high expectations of our students, stakeholders and regulators
  • Help staff understand how particular business activities will be prioritised and undertaken in times of disruption
  • Give the university intelligence on its most important, and vulnerable, business activities - and building in redundancies and mitigations for these
  • Upskill our people, building relationships across the University
  • Understand our strategic priorities and values, and crystallising intent into action in times of crisis

The BCM Program, led by the Senior Program Lead, Business Continuity and Resilience, establishes, maintains, and executes the following material:

Please note that some links above are only available to Crisis Management Team (CMT) members.

The BCM Program is governed by the BCM Steering Committee with additional oversight by the Audit and Risk Committee.

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