Business Improvement

Service Charter

This Service Charter aims to set out the standards of service you can expect from our team when contacting any member of the Business Improvement Team.

Who we are?

The Business Improvement Team is a service team located in the Office of Strategy, Performance and Risk. Our focus is centred on promoting and driving business improvement and innovation, by supporting you in;

  • Achieving effective service delivery outcomes
  • Streamlining and simplifying operations and processes
  • Building clarity, through clear lines of responsibility and ownership – less duplication, clear purpose
  • Integrating, your of enterprise wide processes, [systems and services]
  • Developing capability, through empowering continuous improvement in service delivery and support Innovation, through recognising, advocating, sharing and fostering innovative ideas

The Business Improvement Team is responsible for collaborating and partnering with the University community to:

  • Identify and support;  initiatives that deliver efficiencies
  • Connect; bring together business units and teams to reduce duplication and leverage resources
  • Simplify;  overcome barriers by simplifying complex problems
  • Develop; capability and ability in business units and teams to continuously improve processes and services
  • Share knowledge of successes and key learning’s to continuously improve
  • Compare understanding our own service performance and learning from other others

Our Commitment

  • A professional and responsive service in our dealings with students, staff and clients from within and external to, the university
  • Performing our work within the policy framework of the university

Our Service Standards

We aim to provide a high level of service by ensuring we:

  • Respond to email queries within one working day
  • Treat callers with courtesy and respect
  • Are honest and ethical in all our dealings with you
  • Provide timely and relevant information
  • Provide a consistent, high quality of service
  • Adhere to university policies and procedures
  • Maintain high standards of personal and professional behaviour

Our Service Approach

We want our customers and stakeholders involved in sharing their views, opinions and expertise to help shape and continuously improve our services. We will be responsive to the needs of our customers and aim to find solutions that work. We will also keep our customers and stakeholders up to date by providing accessible, timely and relevant information

Key Service principles

  • Inclusive – recognise, understand, involve
  • Open dialogue – opportunities for two way communication
  • Collaborative – mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Transparent – defined and agreed information flow processes
  • Relevant –focus on issues of relevance
  • Timely and responsive – respond in a timely manner
  • Accessible – information and contact points made available through multiple channels

Business Improvement provides leadership, project management and project support for broader and cross functional University projects, examples include Shared Services Program.


To help us to continuously improve our service we encourage you to provide compliments or complaints about our services. All feedback will be treated confidentially:

We will acknowledge your complaint within one working day and will respond formally within two working days.

Our team is available from Monday to Friday from 9am-4.30pm. We are located at Building R1 Hawkesbury Campus