New funding for UWS to safeguard Australia’s future

Scientists measure brain waves

The University of Western Sydney is poised to play a key role in finding solutions to two of Australia’s most pressing challenges, healthcare and funding the retirement of an ageing population, after the Federal Government announced the creation of two new Cooperative Research Centres.

The UWS MARCS Institute will join over 20 industry and community organisations and other research organisations in the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre to help develop next generation hearing aids and Cochlear™ implants with enhanced capabilities.

"We are proud to be part of this extension," says the MARCS Institute Director Professor Denis Burnham.

"It is the first time The MARCS Institute has been involved in the HEARing CRC and we are looking forward to contributing research on speech to young infants and their speech perception, and on hearing problems in the elderly."

Key researchers from the Centre for Health Research at UWS will work with industry partners in Australia and abroad in the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre to underpin the integrity of securities markets and the retirement savings of millions of Australians.

The Capital Markets CRC will work to contain and enhance the effectiveness of health expenditure, which represents the single largest challenge to national budgets in Australia and across the world.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) Professor Andrew Cheetham welcomed the announcement, which will further strengthen the University’s growing portfolio of research.

“The CRCs for Hearing and Capital Markets will make a big difference in people’s lives, especially the growing population nearing retirement,” says Professor Cheetham.

“As the nation struggles to deal with the practicalities of a rapidly ageing population, these new Centres will play a key role in safeguarding the wealth and health of all Australians.”

“On behalf of the University I congratulate the research teams who have worked hard to achieve this fantastic result, and look forward to the seeing the results of their work.”

The two new CRCs will join three other CRCs in which UWS is an essential participant:

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