The Power of Youth: UWS students have their say

With national attention turned to the key battleground seats in Greater Western Sydney in the 2013 election, students from UWS were once again in the spotlight.

The power of the youth vote was highlighted in a new study released by the Whitlam Institute, which found voters aged between 18 and 25 have largely determined the outcome of the past four elections.

Young voters represent approximately 30 per cent of the electorate, and a major shift in the youth vote is sufficient to change an election outcome.

SBS Television visited UWS Parramatta campus to talk to five students about the election.


To better capture the votes of young people, the Australian Electoral Commission launched social media campaigns to target people not on the electoral roll.

Voter enrolment also went digital, meaning Australians could go online for the first time to update their details.

The ABC visited UWS Penrith campus(opens in a new window) to discuss this campaign and talk about the issues that mattered to them.


12 September 2013

Contact: Mark Smith, Media Officer

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