What is uni really like? High school students are given the inside info at UWS


The University of Western Sydney's Penrith campus will be taken over by high school students next week, as they take part in a full day of information sessions and fun university activities.

On Wednesday 9 November 2011, more than 1,000 years 11 and 12 students from 37 schools across Greater Western Sydney and beyond will visit the campus for 'UWS Day'.

The first event on the 'UWS Day' schedule is a morning information session, where current UWS students will share their stories about what it is really like to study at university and how they made the transition from high school.

As many of the visiting students will already be thinking about whether university is right for them, the aim of the session will be to provide candid, relevant information about higher education that will assist students in making this important decision about their future.

Following a free BBQ lunch, the high school students will then attend two interactive workshops where UWS academics will provide more detailed information about specific areas of study, courses and careers.

There will be more than 40 workshops to choose from, including:

  • Robots in Action: See what happens when computers are combined with high-precision machinery as three industrial robots team up to assemble gearboxes.
  • Music Recording: Students will see a modern recording studio in action and have the opportunity to get behind the microphone, lay a track, and try their hand at mixing sounds.
  • Learn a Language: An interactive workshop that demonstrates how new online programs can be used to learn a language.
  • Management Board Game: A game designed to replicate the world of business. Students play the role of manager, using plastic chips to represent the buying and selling of stock.
  • Great Australian and Engineering Design Projects: A discussion of some of Australia's leading designs, including the building of the Eureka Tower in Melbourne.
  • Optical Fibres in Action: A hands on workshop that gives students the opportunity to play with data transmitters, receivers and optical fibres and see real signals and oscilloscopes.

The aim of 'UWS Day' is to demystify the process of university study and give high school students the chance to explore their future career opportunities and discover how higher education can get them there.

In addition to meeting current UWS staff and students, attending lectures, and participating in interactive workshops, high school students can access detailed information about scholarships, Indigenous education, student support services, international study opportunities and the admission process.


4 November 2011

Contact: Danielle Roddick, Senior Media Officer