UWS Community Award recipient: Uncle Wes Marne

Uncle Wes Marne is a Biduginbul man who has lived on the lands of the Darug people in Mt Druitt for over 40 years. He is known throughout the community for the Aboriginal culture and education, through his storytelling, he brings into schools.

Uncle Wes comes from a long line of storytellers. His grandfather and Father were great storytellers and he has followed in their footsteps. In 2011 Uncle Wes was the proud recipient of the first Nanga Mai Love of Learning award. The Nanga Mai Awards celebrate and recognise innovation, excellence and achievement in Aboriginal education in NSW public schools, school communities and the Department of Education and Training offices.

Uncle Wes is a member of the Mount Druitt and Districts Reconciliation Group who, for the past 14 years, who have organised a reconciliation walk in Mt Druitt. This program has continued to grow due to the committed and dedicated work of Uncle Wes and his fellow committee members.  Uncle Wes dedicates his life to helping our children and men who have been incarcerated to get their lives back on track by helping them to regain confidence to advocate on their own behalf.