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Opinion: Australia is in a unique position to eliminate the bee-killing Varroa mite. Here’s what happens if we don’t

Varroa mites – notorious honey bee parasites – have recently reached Australian shores, detected at the Port of Newcastle in New South Wales last year.

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Opinion: Western Sydney University share learnings on impact following 12 months as number one in the world

Increasingly, students, partners and communities want to be associated with a university that is committed to our planet in the same way that they are.

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Opinion: Where have all the Luddites gone? Exploring what makes us human – and whether modern technology threatens to destroy it

The 20th-century philosopher and cultural critic Günther Anders once proposed that our modern age is characterised by a “Apocalypse-Blindheit”: a blindness to the apocalypse.

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Opinion: How to change our collective mindset to tackle ecological crisis?

“We have a sense that we are about to face immense upheavals,” Maja Göpel writes, and we need to find ways to tackle multiple problems at once.

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Opinion: Flip-flopping magnetic fields hint at a solution for puzzling fast radio bursts from space

Fast radio bursts – intense, milliseconds-long flashes of radio energy from outer space – have puzzled astronomers since they were first spotted in 2007. A single burst can emit as much energy in its brief life as the Sun does in a few days.

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Opinion: The AFL needs real cultural change. Can the new chief deliver it?

A long, competitive recruitment process to name a new Australian Football League chief executive has concluded with the appointment of an AFL insider.

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Opinion: School phone bans seem obvious but could make it harder for kids to use tech in healthy ways

School phone bans may seem like the answer to reeling in young people’s technology use.

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Opinion: Autistic people often feel they’re ‘doing love wrong’ – but there’s another side of the story

“Love has always intrigued me,” writes autistic author Kay Kerr, “in part because I have carried for a long time a feeling that I am doing love wrong.”

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