Program FAQs


Am I eligible to do the program as a post-doc researcher?

As a postdoc research fellow with no current teaching responsibilities, you're not required to complete the program, but you can still enrol. However, given that the program is structured around a work-based project, you have to work out what would be a suitable (and useful) project. For example, you might be able to use the program to work on communicating your research to non-specialists.

Is the program available for sessional teaching staff?

The Foundations program is designed mainly for academic staff on continuing or longer term contracts, who are involved in ongoing teaching work, and who are required to complete the program during a probationary period. We also run the Sessional Staff Learning and Teaching Program for Sessional Teachers who are new to Western Sydney University, who may be eligible to claim payment for the time involved.  
However, sessional teaching staff can enrol in the Foundations program, if they think it would benefit their current or future work. The program is designed around a project that contributes to the participant's mainstream teaching responsibilities, so there is no time allowance. Successful completion can add to a portfolio of evidence of professional teaching practice.

I just want access to the vUWS online modules, but don't need to enrol the whole program

In a few cases people ask to have access to the online materials for the Foundations program. They may be exempt, or have already completed the program, and just want some extra ideas for their teaching.  A suite of online modules will eventually be available as part of a broader micro-credentialing framework for learning and teaching. Until then interested individuals can work through the online modules in the program vUWS site.  
We have six modules available in the current program vUWS site. Each one has a final assignment, in most cases designed to align with project work. But you could use your own work examples instead if you want to submit something and get some feedback.

How and when do I enrol in the next program?

If a current program is still open
  1. From Staff OnLine (opens in a new window), select MyCareer Online from the menu bar (a separate browser page will open)
  2. On the MyCareer Online home page, type "Foundations" into the Search box in the top right hand corner and press enter (or click the magnifying glass)
  3. From the search results, click on the title of the course you are interested in
  4. To register, click Request next to the session that you wish to attend.

For the next program
Program details (opens in a new window) are available now.


Can I use something I've already planned and am introducing this semester as my Foundations project?

If you've already introduced some innovations this semester, you could use the project to evaluate them. For example, you could describe the innovations and the reasons for introducing them as the context and the educational rationale (assuming there is one). Then maybe look at what evidence and observations (e.g. student participation and/or performance in assessment?), student feedback (SFUs and SFTs or informal comments), etc. would tell you what's working well and what needs further adjustment.

I'm developing a whole degree program. How can I use the project to support this?

You can decide on the scope of your project to suit your work. You could use a unit or even use the whole program if you have an overall approach that you can relate to the criteria (context, educational rational, design, evaluation, etc.) It depends what is most useful for you.

I'm not coordinating a study unit, just running tutorials/lab sessions/work placements. Can I still do a project?

Yes. Your project could be on particular learning activities within a class. All that is required is that you identify some educational innovation or improvement, within the scope of your responsibilities, and provide a scholarly evidence-based account that addresses the criteria for the project report.

If you have any additional questions about the program, please contact the Learning Futures Team at