Foundations of University Learning and Teaching (FULT)

The Foundations of University Learning and Teaching (FULT) program is a professional development program that is compulsory for all new WSU academic staff with teaching responsibilities appointed for more than one year. Invitations are sent to staff who are required to attend the program. However, those who can provide evidence of equivalent prior learning may be granted exemption. The program aligns with current and planned strategic initiatives in curriculum development and associated staff professional development needs and is built around a project that can be chosen to assist with (rather than add to) the participant's priority work.

The program is offered twice a year during Autumn and Spring session and starts with some online activities, followed by a face to face workshop. After the workshop, participants undertake a practice-based project which includes aspects of peer review, before submitting a final report. Completion of the online activities, participation in workshop and submission of a 3000-word practice-based report is mandatory for successful completion of the program. Please note that prior completion of the online activities is required for attendance at the workshop.

The online activities for the FULT program draw upon a suite of self-paced online learning modules.

Register your interest for Autumn 2023

Date: 27 April, 2023
Time:  9:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Parramatta City
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Exemption from the program

Exemption from the FULT program may be granted if staff hold a postgraduate qualification in higher education or adult education, or have completed an equivalent teaching development program, or can demonstrate experience and excellence in teaching as evidenced through documentation of their teaching achievements over the last three years.

Staff seeking exemption must contact the Program Coordinator, Gina Saliba, Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning Futures), ext. 7340 (9678 7340) or email prior to completion of this application.

If you have any additional questions about the FULT program, visit our Program FAQs page (opens in a new window) or contact Gina Saliba - Lecturer, Learning Futures.

If you have any administrative enquiries or questions relating to registration for FULT, please contact Farukh Anjum - Project Officer, Learning Futures