Schools and Institutes

Schools and Research Concentrations

The Western Sydney University has nine Schools:

The Western Sydney University has a vibrant and dynamic intellectual and research culture with multidisciplinary research undertaken across a diverse range of areas. To find out more about research at Western Sydney University, you can download the  (opens in a new window) or the Western Sydney University Research Plan (PDF, 2463.34 KB) (opens in a new window).

  • University Research Institutes are the highest level of recognition of nationally benchmarked research excellence at significant scale within the University.
  • University Research Centres have achieved significant research maturity through external review and benchmarks for quality and excellence.
  • University Research Groups are developing areas of research strength with the potential to become research centres.

Within the University there are disciplines and specialisations but outside the University there are real challenges that cross over these distinctions. Research at Western Sydney University is organised into four multidisciplinary research themes. Our research themes speak to the history and culture of the University and its communities, providing a shared vision for their future.

See the research projects currently undertaken in our schools, and in our research institutes, centres and groups:


To find out more about research at Western Sydney University, visit (opens in a new window)