WELCOME | We are the International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems

We study and mimic biological brains and sensory organs to engineer compact, robust, and efficient artificial neural networks that out-perform classical computers and conventional sensors.

We design and build high-performance, energy-efficient sensors and processors, including algorithms and customisedp hardware, which are ideal for distributed, mobile, and autonomous applications in challenging and remote environments.

We discover answers to big questions like "How does the brain work?" and find solutions for neurological damage or disease.

We train the next generation of neuromorphic engineers to meet growing demand in this increasingly important field.

We welcome your interest in our research and impact. To learn more, please explore our website or get in touch with us.

Scholarship Opportunities in Neuromorphic Engineering!

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The International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems is offering 10 research scholarships to highly motivated PhD candidates in all its areas of Neuromorphic Engineering Research.

This includes the development of neuromorphic sensors, such as event-based vision sensors, algorithms for processing data from neuromorphic sensors and for machine learning, the design of analogue and/or digital hardware to implement neuromorphic algorithms, and the development of brain scale spiking neural network simulations.

The International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems is world-leading in academic research and training the future workforce in this exponentially growing area of Electrical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.

See our Scholarships page for more information.