Australia India Water Centre

Water management is not just a technical challenge. The AIWC is to act as a catalyst for the Australian and Indian partners to break down silos, think differently and facilitate sustainable water futures through bilateral partnerships and transdisciplinary approaches.

AIWC is a collaboration of Australian and Indian universities, research institutions and water businesses in water research, education, training and capacity building. Western Sydney University is the Australian lead of the Centre.

AIWC is a platform for long-term partnerships and dialogue between water researchers, policymakers, industry partners and non-governmental organisations for a common goal, "UN SDG 6 – Ensure availability and sustainable management of wa-ter and sanitation for all".

Image Credit: © Paul Prescott/Shutterstock 


Partner Organisations

Western Sydney University Contacts

Distinguished Professor Basant Maheshwari
Director – AIWC 

Dr Dharma Hagare
AIWC Co-ordinator Australia 

Judy Foster
Centre Manager