AI Research Survey

Attention all staff and students at Western Sydney University!

Are you curious about the impact of AI on higher education? Are you excited about the potential it holds, or perhaps you have concerns and reservations?

The number and variety of generative AI tools are increasing rapidly.

AI-generated images from the Chatsonic site representing staff, students and AI.

If you are academic staff, professional staff or if you are a student, we want to hear your thoughts on AI at Western.

The Early-Mid Career Research Committee for the Parramatta campus have developed a survey project titled, "Attitudes and Perceptions to AI at Western Sydney University".

This is your chance to express your ideas and shape the future of AI at Western.

By participating in this survey, you will provide valuable insights that will guide the development and integration of AI technologies at Western. Your feedback matters!

Key benefits of participating:

  1. Influence the direction of AI implementation at Western;
  2. Help create an inclusive and equitable AI-powered learning environment for the future;
  3. Contribute to the first-ever, whole university survey on AI in higher education.

The survey will take 10-15 mins to complete and is totally anonymous. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

So, do not miss out on this opportunity to make a difference! Click the link below to take part in the "Attitudes and Perceptions to AI at Western" survey today!

Please read the Information Sheet (opens in a new window), then click on the survey link below.

Together, let's shape the future of AI at Western.

Any questions or comments can be directed at Ray Archee, Chair of the EMCR Committee at Parramatta campus. Email

This research is currently being supported by the Vice-Chancellor, DVC Prof Deborah Sweeney, PVC Prof Kevin Dunn, PVC Prof Simon Bedford, Learning Futures and the Library.

AI 2

Two artificially generated photographs from the Chatsonic site depicting staff using AI.