Coaching at Western

Coaching is about supporting and developing individuals, assisting them to meet challenges they are facing and to help them be more effective in their role.  This page features a range of external coaches so that we can meet the needs of staff at different levels across Western.


  • Building valuable skills and knowledge
  • Career development
  • Increased satisfaction from working successfully through challenges
  • Develops a strong pool of individuals ready for increased responsibility and promotion opportunities
  • Enhances employee experience
  • Boosts productivity and innovation

How does it work

Coaching should be undertaken as part of the staff Work and Career Development Plan, as it requires the supervisor's approval and the work area or unit must cover its cost.
A development conversation between the staff and their supervisor will help determine if coaching is the best option to meet the staff specific development needs.  They should identify two or three coaches from the Coach Panel List below, that might meet the staff development needs to organise a pre-coaching meeting  - this is an accepted practice in the coaching industry as it is important to have a good rapport with the coach. Once a coach is chosen, a number of sessions and their scheduling must be agreed on between the three parts.

Engaging a  Coach

Contacting and engaging a coach is the sole responsibility of the staff work area or unit, usually through their supervisor. Advice or assistance from the Organisational Development team in this process, can be required by contacting us at

Coach Panel List

Details are provided below for individual coaches and coaching organisations that have demonstrated an understanding of the Higher Education environment, including individual biographies and links to further information (websites and contact details) to assist the selection of a suitable coach.

Business Coaching and Wellbeing Solutions

Coach Contact Details

Kristina Revenda

Founding Director


P: 0450 255 808


Kristina Revenda is a Sydney-based organisational coach, facilitator and communication strategist.

With over two decades living and working across Europe, Central America and Asia Pacific, Kristina is recognised for her capability and passion in helping individuals and teams be at their best while equipping them with the tools and mindset needed to successfully navigate a world of increasing complexity and uncertainty.

With her client’s needs front of mind, her programs are custom tailored to address each individual’s needs and professional development objectives building on their unique leadership, decision making and learning styles.

Kristina brings a distinctive blend of warmth, energy and clear sightedness to her interactions. She is known for her natural ability to challenge her clients in a respectful and supportive way to facilitate sustainable and substantive change.  It is her personal mission to support leaders at all levels in becoming more self-aware and in making more conscious choices.

Centre for Coaching in Organisations

Coach Contact Details

Paul Lawrence

Executive Coach, Facilitator and Researcher


P: 0422 235 665


Paul is an executive coach, facilitator and researcher. He is an experienced coach, working with individuals, teams and groups. He has over 3,000 hours of coaching experience, working with a diverse range of organisations including universities and schools.

Paul had a long career working in corporate, working in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Spain and Japan. After migrating to Australia in 2004 Paul became COO of a Sydney based distribution company, before heading up the learning & leadership development functions of an Australian bank.

Paul conducts an original program of research into coaching, leadership and change. His first book, Leading Change was published by Kogan Page in December 2014. He has two books coming out this year, on coaching and team coaching. Paul is an associate lecturer in coaching at the Sydney Business School, part of the University of Wollongong.

Coaching for STEMM Academics

Coach Contact Details

Professor Shelli McAlpine


P: 0416 728 896


Located in Sydney, Australia, Shelli uses her 20 years experience within the University system and her significant resources to provide you tools to help you reach your professional goals. Shelli has extensive life experiences across many continents and cultures. These have enabled her to take an empathetic approach in solving problems.  She builds a relationship with her clients and use her hard won skills and her broad knowledge from working as an academic in two countries, to provide balanced and supportive mentoring.

Shelli's coaching program is designed to provide a confidential, empathetic, safe spacethat works with you in a one-on-one situation. By developing a working relationship with you, Shelli will help you build a personalisedrealistic plan for success in a challenging work environment.

She offers the first hour of consultation for free, and can help you with the following things:

  • Strategies for reducing your workload in order to improve your mentoring of research students, teaching, maintaining a budget, and performing committee tasks
  • How to hold motivation and respond when your papers and grants are rejected.
  • Learn mentoring strategies to motivate your disengaged post-graduate students and support them with presentations,writing publications, and completing their theses.
  • Improve student engagement during teaching and incorporate new content
  • Update your website in order to attract students and collaborators
  • Discuss approaches for dealing with school politics, opaque policies, and uneven workload formulas.
  • Ensure you are prepared for promotion with an experienced outside perspective.
  • Handle workplace harassment that is impacting your career.

Testimonials include:

“She has a strong understanding of the challenges faced by women across different career stages, and has helped clients/colleagues such as myself to move through both the perceived and real barriers, to create a more fulfilling, successful and enjoyable career.”

“I had to build a lab and start lecturing within two months of arriving in Australia. New country, new academic system, big shocks to my personal life...Shelli really helped me prioritise and teach me how to find the help I needed, and I was able to do everything I wanted and stress less."

“Shelli helped me strategise and get more students on board, and now I have 3 HDRs and feel much more confident building a group."

“I really appreciate the fact that Shelli offers really pragmatic advice to immediately start resolving issues but at the same time helps me prepare for different future scenarios."

“I can’t think of a better person than Shelli for coaching in STEMM. She has been a fantastic mentor and coach and helped me develop many strategies for running a lab.”

Read all Testimonials here

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Coaching Resources International

Coach Contact Details

Graham Hill



P: 02 8249 4032


Graham’s coaching style is engaging, practical and results oriented. Graham has coached extensively in the University sector for 11+ years with both academic and professional service staff - Directors, General Managers, Senior Managers, Managers and with PVC’s, Deans, Pro-Deans, Associate Deans, Heads of School and Professors.

His coaching targets cognitive and relational development - it is his view that results can only be achieved through a deeper understanding of self and others; he helps open minds to new ways of noticing, thinking, being and doing and the broadening of understanding of others. Participants learn how to better gather information, interpret, adapt, create and achieve.

His coaching starts by helping think about thinking to better understand self, it then moves to helping understand others and finally a deeper understanding of the complex and dynamic political interplays that occur between humans when working together and how to get results using these dynamics.


Coach Contact Details

David Turnbull

Associate Director, Client Relations


P: 02 9252 4271


A former career diplomat with the British Diplomatic service, David’s experience also includes service in the British Merchant Navy and the UK Civil Service working within several government departments including Defence, Trade and Investment, and Foreign Affairs and abroad at UK diplomatic missions in six countries, including Australia where he was COO and Director for Trade between the UK and Australia. David has also worked at the UK Mission to the United Nations in New York dealing with peacekeeping finance, UN audit and risk, UN HR and the international civil service. He has worked on various change and transformation programs, is an experienced project manager and has worked across a range of business planning projects and reviews including security and crisis management and stakeholder communication and consultation projects. David is a qualified coach and is currently studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Counselling.

Trish Coleman

Senior Consultant


P: 02 9252 4271


Trish has over twenty years of corporate experience, including eight years with Macquarie Bank and two years with a funds management company performing in a range of roles including administration, business analysis and leadership. She is particularly interested in supporting people optimise their performance and well-being and the performance and well-being of their teams, to achieve a sustainable life balance.

She has completed a Master’s of Science in Coaching Psychology (University of Sydney), a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with distinction (Macquarie University) and a Bachelor of Arts in Business (Charles Sturt).  She is a member of the University of Sydney Coaching and Mentoring Alumni (USCMA), the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Her approach to coaching is to work closely with clients, drawing upon her coaching, counselling, business and organisational experience to help motivate and support them achieve personal and professional goals.

Trish draws upon her academic skills, applying a variety of research based, psychological models and analytical tools to help clients identify goals, development opportunities and overcome challenges.

Peter Denman

Senior Consultant


P:  02 9252 4271


Peter commenced coaching in 2007 and combines business credibility with emotional intelligence gained through coaching at all levels from Senior Executive, mid-level and emerging leaders across multiple functions and sectors.

Employs a coaching style that is strengths based, holistic in scope using a range of evidence based approaches with a down-to-earth, relatable style and a sense of humour. Builds rapport quickly, creating trust and an appropriate level of creative tension to promote growth.


Influencing – Coaches individuals to read others to influence purposefully and with integrity.

Strategic thinking – Coaches individuals to operate at a strategic level through reflection and identifying patterns breaking out of short-term task delivery.

Holistic Wellbeing - Coaching approach is purposefully holistic, working with the individual as a whole person and part of a larger system.

Peak Performance – coaches individuals to understand their own state of mind and identify resourceful approaches to operate successfully in complex situations.

Dr Diana Day, FACID

Coach Contact Details

Dr Diana Day, FACID

Coaching and Mentoring


P: 0438 240 230


Diana has 30 years’ experience in higher education research and teaching [5 universities], governing board directorships, national R&D investment, public administration, and, business. Diana offers personalised coaching, mentoring and professional’s career development as well as significant external cross-sectoral and multi-disciplinary experience.

Diana is a career coach and mentor, Adjunct Professor, and Australian Institute of Company Directors, NSW  Advisory Council Member, supporting professional development of Australia’s company directors who represent industries, governments, commerce, health and research.  Diana is a mentor for the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering Industry Mentoring Network in STEM, and senior industry research and leadership mentor for the Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust.  Diana has experience of wide geopolitical, career,  societal, business, research,  scientific, public policy, and technical knowledge systems.

Dr Day gives a confidential, independent, honest and supportive inside and outside university perspective to supporting researchers, managers and professional staff in the workplace.

Diana uses  a strong intellectual but creative approach to professional development partnerships, with a building capacity and career results focus.

She can help you:-

  • Grow your research, management or innovation leadership
  • Advance research writing, publication and community contribution
  • Develop skills such as research marketing, managing meetings, or building networks
  • Re-evaluate performance and  increase work enjoyment
  • Attack your workload and reduce it to achieve career priorities
  • Boost your wellbeing, safety, confidence and self-esteem at work
  • Increase promotion opportunities
  • Develop collaboration skills in a changing organisation
  • Upscale communication and presentation skills.

As Associate Professor, Diana has coached and mentored indigenous postgraduate staff and students. She developed [with stakeholders] national research and development and innovation programs  and invested in many programs for the Commonwealth and States. She has fostered increased productivity of Australian researchers,  water resources and agribusiness. And oversighted innovations in institutional change, community involvement and scientific modelling.

Diana uses creative and humanistic career coaching with collaborative conversations and career theory, which gives positive outcomes for work. Tools include creative and constructive questioning, motivational interviewing,  appreciative inquiry, role modelling,  story boarding, reflective practice,  guided autobiography, and scenario setting. Diana uses her wide external business and research innovation experience to ground inquiry.

Dr Day’s clients have included senior and junior academic staff,  IT executives, company directors, industry professionals, business leaders, government leaders and scientists, and, doctoral students.

Empowering People to Thrive - Pure Magic International Business Solutions

Coach Contact Details

Caryn Walsh

Speaker, Coach, Facilitator


P: 0414 375 526



Psychologist Caryn Walsh is an international executive and woman’s coach, working with executives at all levels of Organisations and society.  A specialist in leadership and people development, an international motivational speaker and transformer of lives, she coached the 2016 Australian CEO of the Year and is presently coaching a Politician overseas, among other clients.

Caryn and her team coach and develop leaders and teams across Australia, Africa and Fiji. She speaks at 25 conferences internationally on leadership, building teams, relationships and women’s issues each year and is regarded as one of the top international facilitators and coaches in her field.

She has spent 25 years developing and coaching women and runs a Program called Empowering Women to Thrive – which is designed to help women at all levels of society (not only leadership) become empowered in their daily lives and learn how to live well and productively.  To thrive!

She recently launched ‘Be Unstoppable’ – a 9 stage online women’s empowerment Program for women around the world to access and her team is well known for their Empowering Women to Thrive at Work Program – a 12 stage face to face program helping women at all levels in Organisations become empowered in their roles.

A highly sought after coach, her client focussed way of coaching ensures that her clients’ needs are always top of mind as she steers them towards creating meaningful careers and lives by meeting their goals and transforming them as people and leaders by exposing them to a range of theory and practical strategies and approaches that she believes are intrinsic in our lives today.

A passionate supporter of equality, Caryn has worked with thousands of women on various Continents and has been significantly involved in addressing the issue of domestic violence within Australia.

She is well known for her animated and warm approach to working with people and is renowned for helping people move forward in a supportive and encouraging way. Her clients regard her as a ‘top class international coach’ who has made a positive difference in the many lives she has impacted.’

Judyth Sachs Consulting

Coach Contact Details

Professor Judyth Sachs



P:  0414 364 011

Judyth has extensive experience in higher education and describes herself as an educator and change agent. Over the past 15 years she has held a number of senior roles in universities including; PVC Learning and Teaching at The University of Sydney, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Provost at Macquarie University and more recently Interim Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic at The University of Canberra.

Her approach is drawn from her academic discipline of anthropology where she undertook ethnographic studies of teachers. She refers to her approach as a guided conversation.

The guided conversation has elements of mentoring and coaching, in that the facilitator of the conversation guides the interaction through active listening, reframing issues and mirroring back responses in an environment that is safe and respectful. It is concerned with developing personal and professional skills, but not in a context where there is seen to be a deficit. It is based on two assumptions: leadership is lonely and we have the answers to the changes we face but often we need to have our assumptions challenged as tested.

In some respects the guided conversation has elements of the ethnographic interview in that it focuses on trying to understand  ‘what is going on here’? It requires the use of appropriate strategies, tools and techniques to promote self-reflection and understanding. The discipline foundations are anthropological (my discipline) rather than psychological.  Each session is based on the approach of first listen and then seek to understand.

Fundamentally the approach is about learning – about ‘me”, about how I work and what I want to achieve at work. It is not necessarily about changing behaviour but rather about solving problems. One of the outcomes is that the client develops a personal narrative about themselves, around what is important to them, what drives and sustains them and then understanding how they fit within the organisation, what is possible and what they want to achieve.

Judyth has worked with senior staff at universities including Executive Deans, Deans, PVCs, and senior professional staff.  Current and past clients include:

  • ANU
  • University of Sydney,
  • University of Canberra
  • Western Sydney University
  • University of South Australia
  • UTS

Rob Giltinan

Coach Contact Details

Rob Giltinan

Executive Performance Coach (including Presentation Skills)


P: 0425 319 280

There are essentially three key areas to Rob’s developmental coaching:

Personal Impact and Presence - Negotiating Skills - Media Coaching.

Each of these coaching programs have four key principles that underpin their delivery:

  • Expressing yourself with character, personality and resolve
  • Articulating value in both an emotional and rational way
  • Listening with empathy and adapting with agility when presenting and/or negotiating.
  • Utilising the most up to date business acumen, storytelling techniques, and psychology, so that, you can better engage and connect in an authentic way, with an audience

Rob has a B.A. in Performance Studies/Acting from The National Institute of Dramatic Art and a Certificate 1V in Workplace Training and Assessment.

He has worked across a broad range of industries including: Media, I.T., Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services, Data and Analytics.

Rob continues his work, as an external media consultant, specialising in Voice and Presentation, for ABC News and Current Affairs, Television Arts and Entertainment in Australia and the NSW Shadow Ministry. He has fulfilled a similar role at SBS, Fairfax and News Corp, where he trained both senior and online journalists, in on-air presentation.

In I.T., he has devised and implemented a communications pathway for technically minded people to become more clear, concise and compelling, in the messaging, so that, they can better engage and connect with their customer/client base. In pharmaceuticals, he has helped leadership, sales and marketing teams, to articulate the value of their products and research to both the medical community and their patients.

He has worked as an Executive Presence Performance Coach since 2009

Sprague Consulting

Coach Contact Details

Tim Sprague



P: 0408 965 761

As a registered psychologist, HR executive and Executive Coach. Tim brings a suite of tools and techniques which can be tailored to an individual’s learning needs and facilitate their development. Tim has more than twenty-five years’ experience as a Human Resource Management practitioner with deep experience of managing staff across all levels of large organisations as HR Director at both Macquarie University (for 10 years) and the Australian Graduate School of Management.  He has experience in mentoring and coaching in a range of sectors. Tim’s expertise in managing staff through change has allowed him to identify and develop effective solutions to complex and emotionally laden issues around performance, interpersonal dynamics, change, and career transition. Tim’s strength is developmental coaching, with a focus on removing blockages to performance, developing higher and broader skill sets and moving leaders to develop more flexible and sophisticated thinking and influence styles.

Steve Matthews and Associates Leadership & Performance

Coach Contact Details

Dr Steve Matthews

Managing Director


P: 0409 039 159


Transformational Leadership Coaching is a customised process, conducted one-on-one for a defined period of time with specific leadership and organisational outcomes in mind. It is a collaborative and confidential relationship between you, as the leader and your coach. As the leader, you could be an executive, manager or team leader – in your role, you are responsible for a group of people and you contribute to the future success of the organisation.

The aim of leadership coaching is to bring about sustained behavioural change and improve the quality and success of your working and personal life. The leadership coaching that Steve offers is both transformational and holistic, as it focuses on both your inner and outer game.

Effective leadership begins with self-leadership. As a qualified, experienced leadership/executive coach, Steve will work with you as the leader to enable you to gain greater self-knowledge and self-awareness, clarify your vision and goals, take on feedback (including 360 diagnostic tools), achieve your organisational and development objectives, act as a sounding board and unlock your leadership potential. Steve is committed to coaching leaders to develop a style of ethical, consultative and inspirational leadership, which acknowledges the need for leaders and their teams to become exceptional performers, communicators and designers of new possibilities.

The Benefits of Transformational Leadership Coaching for you as a leader include: improvement in your performance, targets and goals; increased openess to personal learning and development; increased abilty to to identify solutions to specific work-related issues; greater ownership and responsibility; development of self-awareness and self-knowledge; improvement of specific skills or behaviours; greater clarity about your role, values and objectives; more energy, motivation and engagment in work and life; the opportunity to address behavioural and performance challenges; healthier work/life balance; greater confidence and skills as a communicator and presenter.

"I have found working with Steve, as a leadership coach, to be extremely beneficial, both personally and professionally. He has a deep understanding of the nature of leadership and the pressures that leaders have to face. He is knowledgeable and experienced in the higher education sector and brings important contextual insights. Steve is skilled in listening, questioning and guiding conversations. He can provide wisdom and support both in responding to day-to-day challenges and in making decisions for the longer term."

Professor Brian Stout, Dean, School of Social Sciences, Provost, Liverpool Campus, Western Sydney University

"Steve brings a very finely calibrated set of skills to his coaching work. He respects the intelligence of those he works with, but pushes and nudges, quietly assisting you to open up about the things that are hard, that you find confronting and that sometimes you’d rather avoid or gloss over. His capacity to draw out and challenge your assumptions and to do so in ways that help you to rethink how you conventionally understand and approach particular situations is key to how he facilitates growth and change. It has made me far more able to face up to the challenges, to acknowledge my own role or investment in situations, and to think more empathetically about how I work with others. It’s been incredibly valuable."

Professor Maryanne Dever, Associate Dean, FASS (Teaching and Learning), UTS

"As Dean of a large faculty, I lead and manage a staff of over 200 people. I contacted Steve as I understood the importance of communication and presentation as part of my leadership role. Steve is a great coach. He has excellent coaching skills and he has great empathy. He has vastly improved my approach to communication, management and leadership. His own approach is holistic, so I have personally benefited as well as professionally. I feel much more capable and confident as leader as a result of his coaching."

Professor Mary Spongberg, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, UTS

The Change Company

Coach Contact Details

Dr Paul Donovan

Owner and Director


P: 02 8705 5488


Paul founded The Change Company in 1999.  His mission, and now his team’s, is to change the conversation into one that enables leaders and their teams to better envisage then realise their vision.

Paul specialises in working with senior executive teams, facilitating their conversation to enable the highest quality dialogue and decision-making.  He loves to work with real and emerging individual and collective tensions to facilitate the richest learning possible.  As a consequence, executive teams are powerfully supported to grow, and thereby provide their upmost leadership to their organisations.

Paul completed his Doctorate from UTS Sydney, Centre of Learning and Change, in 2014.  His research had an emphasis on the implications of ‘undiscussable’ topics on learning and group decision-making for senior executive teams. More recently, his work with Mundipharma Australia was shortlisted in the 2016 Australian HR Awards for Best Learning and Development program and Best Leadership Development program.

The Positivity Institute

Coach Contact Details

Dr Suzy Green



P: 0412 427 373



Dr Suzy Green is a Clinical and Coaching Psychologist (MAPS) and Founder of The Positivity Institute, a positively deviant organisation dedicated to the research and application of Positive Psychology for life, school and work. Suzy is a leader in the complementary fields of Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology, having conducted a world-first study on evidence-based coaching as an Applied Positive Psychology. Suzy was the recipient of an International Positive Psychology Fellowship Award and has published in the Journal of Positive Psychology. Suzy lectured on Applied Positive Psychology as a Senior Adjunct Lecturer in the Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney for ten years and is an Honorary Vice President of the International Society for Coaching Psychology.

Think, Learn, Succeed

Coach Contact Details

Eleanor Shakiba

Facilitator and Coach


P: 0433 126 841



Eleanor Shakiba is an expert in positive psychology. She has trained and coached over 50,000 clients in high intellect professions - such as higher education, research and academic leadership. Eleanor started her career as a professional development officer at Macquarie University and then as a trainer at the University of Sydney. Today, she is a master trainer and success coach at Think Learn Succeed. Eleanor coaches in the areas of leadership, communication skills and success mindsets. She has a particular interest in assisting women who have encountered ‘glass ceiling moments’ in their careers.

Treacle Consulting

Coach Contact Details

Lyndal Hughes

Managing Director

P: 0413 809 087


Lyndal has 25 years’ experience in implementing effective transformation and leadership strategies for blue-chip companies and government departments in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. With 15 years in coaching leaders in ASX50 companies and Government

organisations, Lyndal brings broad expertise to her coaching work, including

  • Personal resilience and performance
  • Dealing with complexity
  • Leader impact and influence

Lyndal holds a Masters of Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney, and a Masters of Organisational Psychology from the Manchester School of Management, UMIST, UK. Lyndal is a member of the Australian Psychology Association Coaching Group and a founder member of the British Psychological Coaching Psychology group.

Randall Tame



P: 0414 406 666


For thirty years Randal has consulted to industry on strategy, leadership, change and persuasion. He also teaches courses in leadership, strategy and persuasion at MGSM and at the ANU Centre for Defence Studies.

Randal has provided leadership development training and coaching to diverse organisations including NSW Premiers Department, WorkCover NSW, NSW Police and Westpac.

Randal has written and delivered the Australian Institute of Managers post-graduate diploma in managerial leadership, MGSM’s executive education program in Leadership Development and Open Universities “Open2Study” MOOC on Leadership. Randal is presently conducting doctoral research in leadership and organisational performance through the University of Queensland under the supervision of Professor Alex Haslam.

Kim Pluess



P: 0414 319 986


Kim Pluess is a registered Psychologist who is passionate about making a difference to people in their career at the individual, group and organisational level. Individuals spend so much time at work therefore, it is important to find alignment between an individual’s career and their strengths, development opportunities, knowledge, experiences and capabilities.

Kim’s experience includes the use of psychometric assessments to coach people to help them thrive at work by understanding their strengths and development areas, while aligning their personal motives to help find greater job satisfaction. Kim also works with small, medium and large organisations by assist them in making better and more subjective selection decisions using a multi-hurdle selection approach which can include psychometric assessment, phone screens, reference checking, multi stage interviews and assessment centres.

Kim’s research projects include: ‘Complexity Leadership’, ‘Characteristics of Australian Graduates’, ‘Emerging Leaders in Australia’, ‘Female Leadership in Australia’ and ‘Australia’s Workforce DNA’.