Career Development Opportunities

“Professional Development includes the provision of learning and development opportunities and activities to extend and broaden the scope of professional capabilities of employees in relation to their role and responsibilities.“ (Professional Development Policy)

Western’s Work Planning and Career Development process is outlined in the Staff Enterprise Agreements and in the Professional Development Policy. Further information can be found in the Continuing Professional Development Guidelines.

This process aims to provide staff with the guidance, direction, and support to navigate the various career pathways and development opportunities, and to help with aligning work to the University's strategy and goals. Whilst the Manager and Supervisor Toolkit is designed to assist supervisors in their leadership and management role.

Staff Scholarships

Staff Scholarships reflect the University's committment to attract, retain, reward, and recognise talented staff, and to build a leadership capability and expertise.

Visit the Staff Scholarships page for further information on scholarship categories, guidelines, and application forms.

Academic Development Program (ADP)

A provision for eligible academic staff to undertake a sustained period of academic development to pursue research; acquire new skills and knowledge; or to develop ongoing partnerships that will benefit the University. Tenured members of the academic staff of the University will, under normal circumstances, be eligible to apply for ADP if they have completed at least three years continuous service - however please read relevant section of the ADP Policy - Eligibility to Undertake ADP (opens in a new window).

For further information please see the Academic Development Program.

Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program is designed to provide academic and professional staff with the opportunity to broaden their knowledge, skills, capabilities and experience to enhance their careers and professional development at the University.

Mentoring is an effective process for supporting staff to navigate their career path, to understand and access institutional policies and processes, and to increase confidence and competence in undertaking various scholarly activities.

For further information please see the Academic Staff Mentoring  Program or Professional Staff Mentoring Program (opens in a new window) page.

Career Development for Academic Staff (Online)

This online module has been developed specifically for academic staff members who wish to learn about a methodology for developing and furthering their career within an academic environment. A comprehensive range of information and tools is provided to assist you in this process.

For further information search for Career Development for Academic Staff in MyCareer Online.

Sessional Academic Staff - Professional Development Guidelines

The guidelines have been developed in response to the recent changes in Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Employer of Choice Award criterion regarding professional development planning for long-term casual staff.  Western Sydney University has a longstanding and strong commitment to gender equality. As a leader in this area, the University recognises that women are often disproportionately affected by casualisation. Therefore, the University has introduced a new provision which offers up to 7 hours of paid professional development annually to sessional academics who have worked at least 5 hours per week for at least 3 teaching sessions within the last 24 months.

For further information please see the Guidelines and Professional Development Plan for Sessional Academic Staff (DOCX, 1061.33 KB) (opens in a new window).

Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards

The Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards were initiated in 2002 to showcase the endeavours and accomplishments of staff and students and to most importantly, publicly reward, recognise and encourage their excellent performance and achievements. The awards support staff and students in continuing to develop and grow within the University and will position Western Sydney University as an employer and service provider serious about the quality of everything it does.

Staff are eligible for nomination in all categories, and students are eligible for nomination in the Excellence in University Sustainability and Excellence in University Engagement categories.

For further information please see Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards (opens in a new window).

Churchill Fellowships

Each year the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust offers a number of Fellowships to support Australians whose expertise has progressed to the point where an overseas research project would be of value in improving their contribution to their field and the Australian community. The Fellowships are open to both Professional and Academic Staff.

For further information please see the Churchill Fellowships (opens in a new window) site.

Emerging Leaders

This program is for aspiring leaders and staff new to supervisory roles.  For more information please visit  the Emerging Leaders page.

Leadership Development

The University recognises the talents of its people and is committed to developing the capabilities and skills of its managers and leaders. Managers and Leaders at the University are expected to act as role models for the kinds of values and behaviours expected of all staff. These values include:

  • Having high ethical and professional standards
  • Being transparent, accountable and responsible for our actions
  • Committed to the mission and values of the University
  • Engaging with our people and the community
  • Engendering a culture of service and dedicated to meeting the needs of our students, clients and stakeholders.

A range of courses are available, as part of the Leadership and Management Development topic area, to provide for the enhancement of management and leadership capabilities. In addition, the following programs also provide for the enhancement of management and leadership capabilities:

Critical Management Conversations

Critical Management Conversations (CMC) has been designed to replace the Foundational Leadership and Management Program. The design of CMC is based on research that indicates up to 70% of professional learning occurs on the job and in no small part emerges from conversations and interactions we have with work colleagues. This program provides essential Western Sydney University management knowledge as a core curriculum of online modules and selected face-to-face sessions supported by a series of 2-hour collaborative opportunities for skill development and knowledge sharing in a supportive collegial environment. The program is designed to accommodate different levels of experience through its blended learning approach which can be customised to suit individual learning needs.

Critical Management Conversations recognises that Managers and Supervisors have an important responsibility as people managers and to do this they need to:

  • ensure staff are aware of, work within, and support the implementation of the guidelines established by relevant legislation, University policies, procedures and the Staff Agreements;
  • be aligned to the University’s strategic goals, values, and Code of Conduct; and
  • apply the appropriate guidelines and standards for developing staff and managing performance.

The CMC curriculum is designed to assist all managers and leaders to be successful in their roles. Newly appointed Managers and Supervisors should complete the Face-to-Face and Online Curriculum components of the program during the first 18 months in their role.

For more information, visit the Critical Management Conversations (opens in a new window) page.

Senior Management Group Conference

Held annually, the Senior Management Group Conference is a forum for engaging in strategic conversations around the key challenges and opportunities for Western Sydney University in a rapidly changing higher education landscape; reflecting on and celebrating the growth, development and achievements of the University during a period of transition; and discussing the key strategic priorities for charting our future. This forum is an invitation only event.

Strategy Forum

Held annually, the Strategy Forum is for Senior Staff of the University including the Senior Executive, Pro Vice-Chancellors, Deans, Deputy Deans, Directors, Directors of Academic Programs and Senior Managers and provides a forum for discussion on quality improvements in learning and teaching, the student experience, research, internationalisation and engagement.

This forum is an invitation only event.

Further information is available in the Manager and Supervisor Toolkit, designed to assist you in your leadership and management role.