Work Planning and Career Development Process

Western Sydney University recognises the importance of work planning and career development to provide employees with the guidance, direction and support to navigate various career pathways and development opportunities, and to help with the planning of work in alignment to the University strategy and goals.

As outlined in the Staff Enterprise Agreements ( under Workloads and Career Development ) and the Professional Development Policy, all employees on on-going or fixed-term contracts for 12 months or more are required to participate in the University's Work Planning and Career Development process.

The Work Planning and Career Development process uses MyCareer Online system to help keep career development, work plans and activities on track and up to date.

Process and Timeline

The Work Planning and Career Development cycle commences at the beginning of each year, with staff creating work objectives for the year ahead. Throughout the cycle, staff should have regular conversations with their supervisor, updating objectives and annotating progress, achievements, and feedback.

MyCareer Online System

Work Planning and Career Development through MyCareer Online system enables an annual and continuous planning and review process, allowing staff to set and monitor work objectives and development plan, and review these on a regular basis.

For further information about the Work Planning and Career Development process, contact the appropriate HR Partner or Advisor.

Show Me How

Creating work objectives and development plans

Staff must create and update their work objectives and development plan through MyCareer Online via Staff Online, by clicking on the Objectives button to create or update work objectives, or the Development Plan button to create or update the development plan.  
The following videos show how to use the MyCareer Online system to create Objectives and set a Development plan.

Creating Work Objectives
Creating a Development Plan

Staff should also update their progress throughout the year against their work objectives and development plan to record achievements and in preparation for the end of cycle review.

Update progress against work objectives and development plan

Completing the self review

All ongoing and fixed-term staff on contracts of 12 months or more are required to participate in the Work Planning and Career Development Process. Staff who are on probation, extended leave, contracts of less than 12 months, casual staff or honorary appointments do not need to take part in the formal review process, however are encouraged to discuss work and development needs with their supervisor.

Staff will receive an email requesting the completion of the review. This will need to be completed within a specified time period to enable the supervisor to complete a review of the staff achievements during the review period and to schedule a meeting to discuss these.

How to complete your self review
Professional Staff Member
Academic Staff Member

Further online training and resources are available on the MyPlanning tab within MyCareer Online (opens in a new window).

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have a new supervisor?

Complete your Self Review and discuss with your current supervisor obtaining feedback from your previous supervisor. You or your supervisor need to email your previous supervisor a copy of your Self Review for them to provide written feedback. You can also ask your HR Advisor to make your old supervisor a co-planner in MyCareer Online

What do I do if I am a new supervisor?

You can ask your staff member to nominate who might best know their work and seek feedback from that person. Use the performance review discussion as an opportunity to get to know your staff and talk about their plans for next year.

I am on extended leave; do I need to do a Self Review?

You can have your Self Review deferred by the head of unit and this will be recorded in the system as not completed. A request can be made to allow your supervisor to complete the Supervisor Review without you having completed the Self Review. This request should be directed to your HR partner. In some cases, the task to complete a self-review can be reviewed by the HR Advisor.

My supervisor is on extended leave; what do I need to do for the Self Review?

Your Self Review will be submitted to the acting supervisor if they are in the role for longer than 90 days. Otherwise, print your Self Review and discuss it with the head of unit. This can then be forwarded to the HR Advisor to be added to your file.

Your acting supervisor or head of unit / Dean can request an extension.

I cannot see My Staff in MyCareer Online; what do I do?

This can happen if you have been in the role for less than 90 days. Ask your staff to forward you a copy of their Self Review. Your feedback can then be uploaded (as a pdf) to the staff's Self Review area. Otherwise, contact your HR Advisor to check that the HR system identifies you as the Supervisor.

I submitted my objectives to my supervisor but I cannot see them; what do I do?

It may be that your supervisor has not approved them in the system. In this case, skip the first step (Academic/Professional Portfolio) and complete step 2 (Academic/Professional Staff Review). You can attach a pdf copy of your objectives to your review as well as forward a copy to your supervisor.

What do I do if I have more than one role at the University or have been in another role prior to the Self Review?

You should complete your Self Review, save a pdf copy and forward it to your other supervisor. Any feedback provided can be attached to the Self Review.

Could I have an extension to complete the Self Review?

The Self Review will be closed off in MyCareer Online on the closing date. If you are not able to meet the deadline, please contact your supervisor and your HR Advisor.

I am on probation; do I need to complete a Self Review?

No. Staff on probation at the time of the Self Review process should complete the probation review process instead.