Giving and Philanthropy

Supporting Excellence - Giving and Philanthropy

The Western Sydney University Law School has a tradition of supporting students through the generous contributions from donors in the Law community.  Please show your support by donating to the Law School Appeal  today.

Scholarships create academic freedom and open doors of opportunity for students in need of our support.  Our ability to increase opportunities through scholarships depends on our ability to raise support through giving and philanthropy.

As part of our renewed focus on giving and philanthropy, Western Sydney University Law School looks forward to raising significant financial support for our students and furthering  excellence.  We already have a great legacy in giving considering the many donors who give so generously each year.  However, there is a recognised need to increase the number of scholarships, prizes and awards in order to support students who otherwise may miss out on going to Law School.

Please consider making a donation today.

Law Scholarship Recipients

James Zhao 
Bachelor Business and Comm (ABL)/Bachelor of Laws
Mel Pudig 
Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Business and Commerce
Edward Popa 
Bachelor Business and Comm (ABL) Bachelor of Laws 
"As a student, it is never easy to cover all your expenses.  Anything outside the ambit of the norm becomes a monetary encumbrance.  If I did not receive any form of sponsorship to attend the leadership symposium which was held in Thailand, my worldly perspective never would have flourished and broadened in the way that it did. Because the university was so kind to sponsor my trip, that chance of personal development was not lost.My understanding of philanthropy blossomed, and it is my belief my outlook in life changed dramatically following that event. For many students, the financial plight is real and without the promise of some financial support many opportunities are forfeited.""Receiving these scholarships has been a huge honour, and on that is difficult to articulate. Obviously, the financial rewards that follow the receipt of a scholarship are incredibly helpful.  All students appreciate that earning descent money is near impossible if you want to do well at uni.  However, more importantly, receiving these scholarships is an incentive to keep working hard and is recognition of my hard work and achievements to date. Both have given me the encouragement to keep working towards my goals and have inspired and energised me to keep striving to be the very best that I can be.""Thankfully,  Western Sydney University placed faith in me through offering this scholarship, and I have not looked back since.  The money given to me allowed for the freedom to volunteer with the Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT), giving me relevant work experience early on in my studies, The Scholarship has afforded me the Freedom to work only one to two days per week whilst maintaining a comfortable standard of living.  Finally, it has provided a point of distinction and topic of conversation in job interviews."