Priestley 11 Units for Students Commencing in 2020

In our Bachelor of Laws program, law students will study the foundations of legal knowledge required to seek admission as a legal practitioner in the Supreme Courts of Australian states and territories. The Bachelor of Laws program is accredited by the Legal Profession Admission Board of New South Wales. As part of the accredited Bachelor of Laws program, students must successfully complete the prescribed “Priestley 11” areas of knowledge as set out in Schedule 1 (Academic areas of knowledge) of the Legal Profession Uniform Admission Rules 2015 (NSW).  The compulsory “Priestley 11” areas of law are met through the successful completion of the following units in the Bachelor of Laws at Western Sydney University:

“Priestley 11”
(Unit Requirement for Admission)

Bachelor of Laws Unit

Criminal Law and Procedure

200010 Criminal Law

200015 Criminal Procedure and Evidence


200008 Torts

200756 Remedies


200011 Contracts

200756 Remedies


200012 Property Law


200757 Equity and Trusts

200756 Remedies

Company Law

200015 Law of Associations

Administrative Law

200013 Administrative Law

200984 Government and Public Law

Federal and State Constitutional Law

200009 Constitutional Law

200984 Government and Public Law

Civil Dispute Resolution

200813 Civil Procedure and Arbitration

200811 Alternative Dispute Resolution


200015 Criminal Procedure and Evidence

Ethics and Professional Responsibility

200020 Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics