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Academic Course Advisors – Undergraduate Courses

Civil and Construction Engineering - Parramatta

Dr Won Hee Kang

Civil Construction Engineering - Penrith and SCC

Dr Pan Hu

Electrical Engineering - Penrith and SCC

Assoc. Prof. Gaetano Gargiulo

Electrical Engineering - Parramatta

Dr Qi Cheng

Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Parramatta

Dr Hui Xie

Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering - Penrith and SCC

Dr Zhongpu (Leo) Zhang

Engineering Honours

Dr Kejun Dong

Engineering Industry Experience

Dr Ee Loon Tan

First Year Engineering Programs - Penrith, SCC and Parramatta

Dr Helen (Yimin) Wu

Academic Course Advisors – Postgraduate Courses

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Haiping Zhu

Electrical, Telecommunications and Biomedical Engineering

Dr Ju Jia (Jeffrey) Zou

Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Baolin Wang

Engineering Industry Experience

Dr Mariam Darestani

Master of Engineering Projects

Dr Upul Gunawardana

Directors of Academic Programs

UG Civil & Construction

Assoc. Prof. Fidelis Mashiri

UG Mechanical & Mechatronic

Assoc. Prof. Ming Zhao

UG Electrical

Dr Jamal Rizk

PG Engineering

Dr Quinghua Zeng

Grand Challenges Scholars Program

Assoc. Prof. Sarah Zhang

UNSW-WSU Joint Program

Dr Leigh Sheppard