Hawkesbury Resilience Map

The Hawkesbury Resilience Map

The Hawkesbury Resilience Map is part of the broader Hawkesbury Resilience Project. It is designed to help us come together to create the connections, knowledge, infrastructure and organisations that will help us survive and potentially thrive in our changing climate. The map identifies the huge array of local groups and organisations already doing great work in the Hawkesbury. The purpose of the map is to provide a gateway for Hawkesbury people to join existing groups and to identify gaps and opportunities for new actions.

The map has been divided into 3 clusters: Learn, Prevent, Prepare.

  • Learn (green) includes groups who observe changes in our environment and groups who teach about climate change.
  • Prevent (orange) includes groups who work to prevent the climate from changing, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and by advocating for better public policy.
  • Prepare (red) includes those groups who help us deal with natural disasters by responding to emergencies and those who help by building strong communities.

We invite you to explore and join local groups in your area below.

Should you have any questions about the map or being added please contact the Hawkesbury Resilience Project team.

The Hawkesbury Resilience Project including this map, is a collaboration between five local groups: Hawkesbury City Council, Hawkesbury Environment Network, Western Sydney University under the Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development Greater Western Sydney, Penrith-Hawkesbury Environment Educators Network and Macquarie Electorate Student Climate Activists.