Governance Structure RCE-GWS

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Steering Committee

  1. Composition and operation
    1. The RCE-GWS Steering Committee constitutes the central leadership of the RCE GWS network and represents the interests of the participating members.
    2. Western Sydney University will host the operation of RCE-GWS
    3. The steering committee will meet a minimum of three times per year
    4. Western Sydney University will provide the administrative support for the RCE Steering Committee and to the coordinators of each of its action groups during its tenure via an RCE Secretariat
  2. Functions
    1. Determine key directions and the use of widespread community input
    2. Facilitate, monitor and report the work of RCE related projects
    3. Ensure that the achievements of the RCE are widely and effectively promoted
    4. Identify and endorse new RCE-GWS members or associate members
    5. Identify potential RCE partner projects for our students to become involved in

Secretariat Services

  1. These services are provided by the RCE-GWS host institution, Western Sydney University
  2. The key functions of the secretariat are to:
    1. Provide support for the Steering Committee to meet and deliver its functions
    2. Assist members in monitoring and supporting their project(s) as necessary
    3. Act as a clear, single, point of contact for the GWS community with the RCE
    4. Provide periodic monitoring reports to the members of the Steering Committee on relevant projects
    5. Maintain website and communication mediums

Theme Groups

  1.  RCE-GWS members can join one or more theme group
  2.  All working groups need to be consistent with the UNU-endorsed areas of focus for ESD in Greater Western Sydney to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Agenda set by the United Nations
  3.  If members find other partners interested in a common project; and if, in combination, partners have the capabilities and time to pursue it they can suggest the formation of a new projects to the Steering Committee.
  4. Each group will decide on a coordinator who will be their contact with the Secretariat, Chair and members of the Steering Committee.
  5. Theme groups will seek to identify grants to fund their work or operate on a pro-bono basis, especially if joint projects are part of their core business.


  1. RCE-GWS members can join and actively participate in one or more theme groups
  2. RCE-GWS members are expected to attend all forum meetings, or send a representative in their place

Grant applications and accountability

  1. When applying for a grant the members of each action group will decide on one partner to be the key grant applicant and the body to receive and account for funds' deployment.
  2. The RCE cannot be the recipient of grant funds as it is not incorporated.

Role of the United Nations University

The United Nations University coordinates the activities of the Regional Centres of Expertise (RCEs) in Education for Sustainable Development around the world.