Become a Member

The RCE Greater Western Sydney (RCE-GWS) network has a range of partners that have joined our network focused on education for sustainable development at a local level. See our current and previous initiatives (opens in a new window) to find out more about our work.

What does it mean to be a member of RCE-GWS?

Being a member of RCE-GWS allows you to work together with other local governments, organisations, institutions or community groups to implement sustainability projects in areas where you may have already been working in parallel, competing for grants and resources, as well as connections to other RCEs around the world.

Who can join this network?

RCE-GWS is always pleased to accept new members, from local councils to community groups; nevertheless there are a few criteria they must first meet.

  • Must be Greater Western Sydney (GWS) based
  • Must have a focus around the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, whether it is environmental, social, cultural or economic  in algnment with the Global RCE mission
  • Must have a focus around educational outcomes, whether it be for organisation, schools or community group
  • Must be willing to partner with existing RCE partners (opens in a new window)and our networks on key sustainability challenges to implement, monitor and report on projects undertaken as part of this network

What do you have to do as a member?

As a partner you, or a representative, are anticipated to attend our RCE stakeholder forums 2-3 times a year, and participate in or lead an appropriate collaborative project. See our full Terms of Reference.(opens in a new window)

What is the process of joining?

If you are interested in becoming an active member of RCE-GWS please fill out the new members application form.(opens in a new window) Your form will be directly emailed to Sustainability Education at Western Sydney University, RCE-GWS host institution for review. Your application will be reviewed by our RCE Governance Committee, for assessment and approval. We will let you know the outcome as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about your application or this process please contact Jen Dollin, Head, Sustainability Education.

What if you don't receive membership status?

If you do not meet the requirements of becoming a member, you may be able to apply for associate membership. This kind of membership is applicable for business, consultants and corporations. As such you are welcome to attend our stakeholder forums and participate in projects with our members.