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Hawkesbury: Letter of thanks from foundation students (1891)

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RAMS - Hawkesbury 1891 document

Richmond 16 March 1891

To The Hon Sydney Smith M.P.
Minister of Mines & Agriculture


On this the occasion of your first visit to the Hawkesbury Agricultural College of New South Wales, the first College of the kind started in this Colony, We, the first Session of Students admitted by you to the privilege of such an Institution, think it becoming to offer you, the first Minister of Agriculture in New South Wales, a tribute of our respect and sincere congratulations.

We feel that we have cause to congratulate ourselves. First, because the duties of this important office have fallen to such an enthusiastic friend of Agriculture and such an able administrator as yourself; Second, because you have made such a happy choice in the Principal and Staff who are to direct our studies; and Third, because we have been chosen as the first to enjoy the benefits of the complete system of Agricultural Education as planned by you. On the other hand we feel confident that it is a source of gratification to you that you have had the privilege of guiding the early destinies of this young Department and of initiating this College and its many other useful agencies.

We would express our sincere prayer that you may long be spared to administer the affairs of this useful Department, that your satisfaction with the results of your work may be strengthened year by year and that you will never see cause to regret the splendid efforts you are now making to give the young men of New South Wales a complete Practical and Scientific Agricultural Education.

We have the honor to remain, Sir
Your respectful students