Undergraduate Studies

Why Study Philosophy?

What is truth? How can we lead a happy life? Under what conditions is violence permissible? Philosophy explores the large questions that humans have asked over the centuries, and has thus helped shape our worldviews.

The Philosophy major analyses these questions and the answers they have received by putting them in their historical and conceptual contexts. It pays particular attention to how political, cultural and religious processes reflect the way we understand our societies and ourselves.

The Philosophy major trains students to develop their analytical skills. Study in Philosophy will give a graduate confidence to engage with the arguments of others and to put forward their own perspective. Such a life-skill can be applied in a wide variety of professions such as teaching, business, law, policy development, and public service.

Philosophy Major (8 standard units of study or 80 credit points)

Students undertaking a Bachelor of Arts Philosophy Major at Western Sydney University study a Required Core of four subjects:

Level 1: Introduction to Philosophy
Level 1: Ethics and Philosophy
Level 2: Case Studies in Philosophy: Thinker
Level 3: Case Studies in Philosophy: Text

Students then add four units from the following unit groups, with no fewer than two level 3 units in order to complete the major.

Philosophy Sub-Major (4 standard units of study or 40 credit points)

To complete a sub-major in Philosophy, students must complete 40 credit points (4 standard units of study). At least two units must come from the four core units, and two others from the groups above, with at least one being at level 3.

List of Units currently available for Second and Third Level of Study in Philosophy:

Level 2

Ancient Western Culture: Periclean Athens
Classics of Modern Philosophy
Philosophy and Environment
Philosophy and the Good Life
The Ethical Life
Truth and Knowledge
Western Political Philosophy

Level 3

Ethical Cultures
Feminist Theories
Film and Philosophy
Literature and Philosophy
Philosophies of Love and Death
Theories of Conflict and Violence
Theories of Authority
Understanding Freedom
Understanding Power
What is the Human?

Offered at Bankstown and Parramatta campuses

Philosophy Academic Staff

Paul Alberts

(Major Convenor)

Charles Barbour


Diego Bubbio

(Research Fellow)

John Hadley

(Research Lecturer)

Michael Symonds

(Senior Lecturer)

Dimitris Vardoulakis

(Senior Lecturer)

Mark Kelly

(Senior Lecturer)

Chris Fleming

(Senior Lecturer)

Alex Ling

(Research Lecturer)

Jess Whyte

(Senior Lecturer)