Supervision in Philosophy

The Philosophy Research Initiative at Western Sydney University offers a wide spectrum of expertise in Philosophy. You can peruse the research interests of our members below, or visit the Members page for further information.

  • Paul Alberts looks at the ethical implications of environmental issues.
  • Charles Barbour, an expert on Marx, teaches and writes aesthetics and sovereignty.
  • Diego Bubbio's research focuses on the relationship of the post-Kantian tradition (from Kant to Nietzsche) to the later movements of European philosophy, such as existentialism and hermeneutics, and on issues in philosophy of religion
  • Chris Fleming is a world authority on the work of Rene Girard and is also interested in the philosophy of science.
  • John Hadley's work focuses on ethical issues and in particular animal rights.
  • Alex Ling is an expert on the relation of philosophy and cinema, and has written extensively on the French philosopher Alain Badiou.
  • Sally Macarthur explores the intersections between music and cultural and feminist theories.
  • Jennifer Mensch's work focus on Modern Philosophy, Kant and German Idealism, History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, and Ethics.
  • Chris Peterson's research focuses on the intersection of literature and philosophy, with a particular emphasis on Derrida, race, and animality.
  • Dennis Schmidt specialises in Ancient Greek Philosophy and Literature, Kant and post-Kantian Continental Philosophy, and Aesthetics and Literary Theory.
  • Anthony Uhlmann is an expert on the way that modernism has been influenced by philosophy.
  • Dimitris Vardoulakis writes on the relation of literature and philosophy, theories of sovereignty and the work of Spinoza.

For more details, please visit the individual staff web-pages.