School Programs

The Western Sydney University Penrith Observatory has programs designed to enhance and extend learning in astronomy and space science for school students from K-12. Excursions can be arranged for either daytime or evenings and typically last for two hours.

Observatory Telescope Presentation
Student at Observatory
Student looking through telescope at Observatory
Observatory Telescope Presentation
Observatory Telescope Door Opening
3D Experience at the Observatory
The UWS Observatory
Students on Computer at Observatory

Programs for K – 6:

  • Science and Technology including Physical Phenomena and Earth and its Surroundings.
  • The Sun, our Solar System and an investigation into local phenomena such as lunar cycles and seasons.

Programs for 7 – 10:

  • Science including energy, chemistry and physical forces within an astronomical context and a detailed look at what we have observed in our Universe.

Programs for 11 – 12:

  • HSC physics units Cosmic Engine, Space and Astrophysics come alive with an in depth exploration the lives of stars, the effects of gravity and how we investigate and measure our universe.

School Day Visits

The Western Sydney University Penrith Observatory is open for booked school visits from Monday to Friday during school terms. Basic programs involve a visual presentation, a 3D astronomy movie, a special tour of the dome area and 0.6m telescope, safe viewing of the sun with appropriately filtered telescopes and activities designed to entertain as well as reinforce the key concepts.

School Night Visits

A night visit will provide an opportunity to view a variety of celestial objects through the University's 0.6m and 0.25m telescopes. These nights will also include a multimedia presentation and a 3D astronomy movie.
All school programs can be tailored to suit individual needs.  Bookings are essential for all visits and are held regardless of the weather.

How to make a booking

To make a booking call (02) 4736 0135, or email

If you are not sure about making a booking, we are happy to discuss options with you and potentially can come to your school and have a short information session with teachers to provide an overview of the program and answer your questions. Please email

Cost of a Basic Program

  • $400 minimum cost (minimum costs vary according to day/night or weekday/weekend)
  • $12 per person
  • Teachers and helpers are free (2 teachers per 20 students)
  • Invoices will be issued on the day/night of your visit