Group Programs

The Western Sydney University Penrith Observatory is open to the public and runs special groups programs that can be tailored to suit individual needs. Excursions can be arranged for either daytime or evenings and typically last for two hours. We run specialised programs for -

  • Vacation care groups
  • Cub and Scouts
  • Girl guides
  • Community groups
  • Seniors groups

Group Day Visits

The Western Sydney University Penrith Observatory is open for booked visits on weekdays and weekends.  Basic programs involve a visual presentation, a 3D astronomy movie, a special tour of the dome area and 0.6m telescope, safe viewing of the sun with appropriately filtered telescopes.

Group Night Visits

A night visit will provide an opportunity to view a variety of celestial objects through the University's 0.6m and 0.25m telescopes. These nights will also include a multimedia presentation and a 3D astronomy movie.

Bookings are essential for all visits and programs run regardless of the weather.

How to make a booking

To make a booking, call (02) 4736 0135, or email

Cost of a basic program

  • $12 per person
  • Minimum cost $400 (minimum costs vary according to day/night or weekday/weekend)
  • Maximum group size: 95 people