University Awards and Citations

Our Learning and Teaching Awards consist of:

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (8 available) - These are open to academic staff, individuals and teams with two of the eight awards targeted for sessional staff and minimal service requirements will not apply.
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Excellence in Teaching Award (4 available)* - These are open to academic staff; individuals and teams, in the following four focus areas. However, where an award is not provided in one focus area, it may be awarded to an alternate focus area:
    • Excellence in Teaching
    • Excellence in Teaching – Partnerships
    • Excellence in Teaching – Education for Sustainability
    • Excellence in Teaching – Early Career Academic

Nominees may apply for EITHER a Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning Award OR an Excellence in Teaching Award.

Closing Date: Application dates for 2021 will be finalised shortly.

The Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning Award and Excellence in Teaching Award follow specific selection and assessment criteria, aligned with those speciļ¬ed by the Australian Government's Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT), as outlined in the nomination forms.

*One Excellence in Teaching nomination will be recommended by the Awards Panel for the Vice Chancellor's Excellence in Teaching  - Teacher of the Year Award.