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Australian Awards for University Teaching

Universities Australia (UA) (opens in a new window) continues oversight of the Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) (opens in a new window) in 2022. There are three award types recognising quality teaching practices and outstanding contributions to student learning at a national level, Citations, Teaching Awards and Program Awards. These are highly competitive awards, with limits on the number of submissions from each institution, and caps on the number of citations awarded to an institution (a maximum of four out of six possible submissions). Given the relatively small number of applications that are successful, this does not necessarily reflect the quality of the applications. Outstanding applications may not be recognised in an outstanding pool of applicants. Equally, AAUT (opens in a new window) reserves the right not to award a prize if applications are not of a high standard.

Western's AAUT Program has a developmental and longitudinal focus which aims not only to produce Award winners across the three primary categories, but aims also to disseminate innovation and excellence in teaching and learning throughout the university, through workshops, mentorship, and other reward and recognition programs.

Western's AAUT Program draws on a pool of expertise and experience of accredited AAUT Assessor, past winners, and the community of practice in Badugulang, Western's Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

The AAUT Program partners prospective applicants up with mentors and critical friends, to provide feedback, advice, and support to develop a competitive application.

You can view previous AAUT Citation winner Jacki Montgomery discuss her experience below and listen to her advice.

You can learn more about the AAUT here: Australian Awards for University Teaching(opens in a new window)

Overview of the AAUT Timeline

March – July Prepare for Submission  
August Nominee Registrations Open  
September Submissions Uploaded  
October – December Assessment Period  
January Notification of Outcome  
February Award Ceremony

Important documents to review include:

Other documents can be found on the AAUT website, in the "Nomination Pack" section.

Advice for Potential AAUT Applicants from a Past Winner

What is Teaching Excellence and Why Should You Consider Teaching Excellence Awards?

Teaching excellence is deeply intertwined with teaching innovation and impact. It's more than just about the Award itself--it's about the continuous development and improvement of teaching and learning practices that leads to improved student learning experiences and outcomes--that's the real impact of teaching excellence.

Teaching Excellence Awards are about fostering innovation in teaching and learning and recognising the impact of that innovation on our students.

Teaching excellence is about more than good practice; it's about new ways of doing things, new technologies, pushing boundaries, not settling for the status quo. However, teaching excellence is built on and feeds back into good practice.

Through cycles of innovation and consolidation we improve our teaching and learning practices and student outcomes. Through the recognition of teaching excellence, we elevate, promote and disseminate teaching and learning innovation--we are always learning as we teach, and teaching excellence holds up that learning for all to see and celebrates it.

Teaching excellence awards, whether at a School. Institutional, or National level, are one potential pathway in your broader career trajectory. It's an opportunity to reflect on, promote, and celebrate the successes of others as well as our own.

If you would like more information, please contact LearningFutures@westernsydney.edu.au.