Where to live?

As an incoming exchange and study abroad student you may choose to live on-campus or off-campus during your study at Western Sydney University.

On-campus accommodation

Western Sydney University Village offers a wide range of quality, fully furnished accommodation on each campus. Whether you're looking to live in style or work to a budget, chances are the Village will have a room and price option to suit you.

Each Village site provides a self-catered independent living experience with support available 24 hours a day. The Village offers the best opportunity to meet new like-minded people, including other exchange and study abroad students, and local and international students undertaking their full degrees at Western. The Village is an ideal place to relax with friends after a hard day of studying!

For information about on-campus accommodation, including locations, pricing, and more, visit Western Sydney University Village (opens in a new window).

Off-campus accommodation

If you are interested in living off-campus in Sydney, we highly recommend that you arrive in Sydney at least a few days before Orientation to give yourself the maximum chance of finding something suitable. The most common and affordable form of off-campus housing is 'share accommodation' - whereby you rent a room within an existing home (such as apartment or house) and share with others.

We would recommend booking up to a week's temporary accommodation upon arrival in Sydney, whilst you are searching for off-campus accommodation. You may also wish to search for off-campus accommodation options with other study abroad and exchange students you meet at Orientation after arrival at Western Sydney University.

Please note, as exchange and study abroad students are often in Australia for less than one session or one academic year, it can sometimes be harder to find suitable off-campus accommodation that facilitates a shorter residency period. We also strongly suggest that you inspect off-campus longer-term accommodation options in person in Sydney before agreeing to and making any financial commitments. If you wish to do share accommodation it is important that you meet the other tenants that will be living at the same home as you.

Check out popular real estate listing websites in Australia, including Domain (opens in a new window) and Realestate.com.au (opens in a new window). These sites are not run by the University.