Compliance Directory

This register:

  • identifies and summarises the current NSW and Commonwealth laws that govern the University and the university sector's operations and activities.
  • outlines the purpose of the legislation, and its relevance to the University.
  • is available to download as a PDF document (it is searchable using "ctrl-F".)

Fast Numbers on the Compliance Directory as at March 2023

  • 169 : different pieces of legislation (from 153 at January 2022)
  • 45 :  pieces of legislation of the Watchlist (from 27 at January 2022)
  • 80 : Commonwealth legislation (from 75 at January 2022)
  • 82 : NSW legislation (from 78 at January 2022)
  • 7 : Other States and Territories (for workers’ compensation laws)

Comments and Corrections

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Compliance Directory infographic