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Compliance Program Unit Diagram

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The main aims of the Compliance Program Unit are to:

  • Support staff in understanding and meeting their compliance goals
  • Develop a culture of understanding compliance within daily business
  • Apply a "common sense" approach to developing and maintaining the University's Compliance Management Program

Keira Hamilton

Keira Hamilton is the Director of the Compliance Program Unit, based at Parramatta South campus.

She provides guidance and practical resources to all University staff relating to the application of legislative requirements within the compliance management program, as well as internal processes such as conflicts of interest.

Prior to joining the University, Keira worked in Australia and North America for international companies such as Thomson Reuters and Toronto-Dominion Bank. She has experience in risk, governance, training, policy writing and legal publishing. She also has experience working at another Australian university in its records and archives department.

Keira holds a Double Degree in Media and Law (BMedia / LLB), and Graduate Certificate in Compliance and Risk Management (10184NAT). She is also an appointed NSW Justice of the Peace (JP), and a continuing member of the Governance Risk and Compliance Institute.