Unpaid Work Experience

Don't wait for opportunities - create your own!

Unpaid work experience placements that aren't a requirement of your course can be a great way to explore, or gain experience, in a new job or industry.

Whenever you undertake work experience it is critical to protect yourself. Careers can provide you with insurance cover as long as your placement is unpaid and degree-relevant. To check the full eligibility requirements and get you started, see our DIY Work Experience Guide  (opens in a new window)

Interested in building your own work experience placement? Follow our guided activities to help you with this.

Insurance cover

You need to obtain the following documents:

  1. Eligibility for Work Experience Insurance Cover letter (opens in a new window)
    which confirms your enrolment status and informs the employer that the university will cover your insurance if you agree to go ahead.
  2. Work Experience Insurance Cover (opens in a new window)
    to request insurance cover from Western Sydney University. Your employer will require a copy of this policy prior to commencing your placement.

NB: The 2009 Fair Work Act restricts unpaid work experience which is not a course requirement. If your work experience or placement is a course requirement you will need to arrange insurance with your School.

If you need further assistance please call our hotline.