A skills enhancement program: unpaid work experience

Don't wait for opportunities to enhance your skills - create your own!

If you are a Western student you can organise your own work experience by participating in this work experience program. Work experience can also be a great way to explore careers, jobs and industries and build your network.

Duration of program:

This work experience program provides eligible Western students with insurance cover for up to 100 hours within a 3-month period

Eligibility criteria:

You must be an enrolled Western student. When you have completed your final exams/assessments of the final semester of your degree, you are no longer considered an enrolled Western student. The work experience placement must be voluntarily organised and NOT a requirement of your course.

It is important that the conditions of your work experience comply with the 2009 Fair Work Australia Act, and Western Sydney University insurance provisions. These provisions are designed to protect you while participating in work experience.

To assist you to plan and organise your work experience we recommend you read the Guide to Self-Managed Work Experience This Guide will provide you with helpful resources to maximize your work experience

To confirm your eligibility:

Submit an Eligibility for Work Experience request to confirm your eligibility. This can also be used to provide evidence of your eligibility status to an organisation, indicating that the university can cover the insurance required for work experience provided the conditions are met.

To apply for the work experience program:

Submit a Work Experience approval form to request approval from Western Sydney University to participate in your work experience opportunity. To submit this form you need to have agreement from your work experience supervisor regarding the start and end dates of the experience, your activities during the placement and your learning goals.

NB: If work experience is a course requirement, your School is responsible for approving the placement. Please contact your school for further information.

If you need further assistance please email careers@westernsydney.edu.au