Accessibility, transport and parking


Western Sydney University has a responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to its campuses, facilities and resources. Accessible pathways are indicated on each campus map. You can contact the Western Sydney University Disability Service for detailed information about accessibility at the University or to register for assistance.


We are committed to providing a range of access options for the University community. For detailed information about your campus please visit Our Campuses webpage.


Western Sydney University campuses are restricted parking areas. When on campus you must park in accordance with the Western Sydney University Parking and Traffic Policy. This includes displaying a valid parking permit on the front windscreen of your vehicle and parking in the correct bay for your permit. For information on parking at Western Sydney University please visit the Parking webpage.

Tips for travelling to and from the University

Taking basic precautions will help keep you safe. The way you travel to university and the times you travel are important factors in maintaining your personal safety. If you have immediate concerns for your personal safety while travelling, call 000, noting your location and the nature of your concerns.

Public transport

  • Travel with people you know if you are able to.
  • Avoid carrying expensive items.
  • Download the Western Sydney University Mobile app for useful emergency numbers.
  • Let others know if you have concerns about your personal safety.
  • If you are travelling at night, travel near the driver or in busier carriages of the train. Remember, if you don't feel comfortable, it is ok to move or ask for help from transport staff.
  • Plan your route and times of your travel in advance, travelling during day time when possible, avoiding quiet and isolated areas.
  • Only use registered taxis – they should have a card noting their registration affixed to the front screen of the vehicle.
  • Save public transport telephone line numbers and Campus Safety and Security in your mobile phone. The Campus Safety and Security emergency number is 1300 737 003.

Driving to Western Sydney University

  • If driving in isolated areas and stopping at traffic lights, lock your car doors.
  • Place valuable items out of sight when travelling in the car. Avoid leaving handbags on the front seat of the car with your car doors unlocked.
  • Only car share with people you know, even when offering a lift.

General transport safety

  • Don't accept a lift from people you don't know or go to a stranger's home.
  • Make a habit of letting a friend or family member know of your plans and expected time of return. If you do not make contact by a certain time of the day, or your plans change, it's a good idea to get in touch.
  • Have a backup plan – some money to make a phone call and a printed map if you're going somewhere new – just in case your phone doesn't have credit or charge.
  • If you have concerns about your personal safety due to the times of your travel, chat with your Unit Coordinator to see if other class times are available.
  • If a person you do not know asks for personal information about you (i.e. your home address) politely let them know you don't feel comfortable providing that information at this time and remove yourself from the situation.