Security: What we do and how

Campus Safety & Security makes a significant contribution to the Western Sydney University community. We are leading providers of safety and security in the tertiary sector, delivering holistic, intelligence-driven security services.

Providing a safe and secure environment for our students, staff and visitors is core business - we're responsible for your safety on our campuses. We also ensure that every campus, building and facility is secure, safe and accessible when needed.

Examples of our activities include:

  • campus patrols by foot, bicycle and vehicle
  • CCTV and alarm monitoring
  • personal escorts
  • security checks
  • incident and first aid responses
  • major event assistance
  • security design and implementation for projects and changes occurring at the University
  • Security Risk Assessments undertaken by fully qualified staff in accordance with ISO Standard 2009:31000

Who we are

Matthew Dakin – Director, Campus Safety & Security

Matthew is the Director of Campus Safety & Security at Western Sydney University. 

Matthew has over 25 years' experience in policing (including many years as a qualified police prosecutor and advocate); security and risk management. Matthew has provided high level advice for the Government as well as large private companies at a domestic and international level.

Matthew holds a Bachelor of Policing (Prosecutions), an Associate Diploma in Policing (with Distinction) and a range of additional tertiary qualifications in security and risk management. He is also a 'Certified Protection Professional' with the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS).

Brett Gibson – Operations Manager (East), Campus Safety & Security

Brett is the Operations Manager for Campus Safety & Security, managing security teams across multiple sites.

As a member of the NSW Police for 11 years, Brett was involved in emergency management, crowd control, conflict resolution and criminal investigation. Brett has extensive major event resourcing experience including Prime Ministerial visits, as well as managing visits by the Governor General, Attorney General, overseas dignitaries, members of Parliament and community leaders.

Glenn Cooper – Operations Manager (West), Campus Safety & Security

Glenn has been a licenced security operative with the University and its earlier identities for well over 20 years, and has performed duties across all facets of security delivery from patrol activities through to management positions.

As an overwhelmingly experienced security manager, Glenn is accredited by the NSW Police Force to undertake security assessments in accordance with its 'Crime prevention through environmental design' principles, that assists him to deliver positive and effective service outcomes. Glenn's' specialties include deployment operations and security risk assessments for both new and improved capital assets.

He is a recipient of the Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Award for 'Excellence in University Sustainability'.