Review of Strategic Plan and Academic Structure: Discussion and Consultation

In light of external changes, increased competition and new opportunities in the higher education sector, the Vice-Chancellor has undertaken a consultation process to discuss possible revisions to the current Securing Success Strategic Plan (2015-2020) and gain colleagues' views on whether the current Academic Structure is meeting emerging organisational needs.

At its 5 April 2017 meeting, the Board of Trustees endorsed the proposal to commence such a consultation process with the University community. To assist the consultation process, a discussion paper has been prepared to guide the consultation phase for the possible revision of the strategic plan, provide some options for alternative academic structures for Western Sydney University and to invite commentary from the University community.

Over the next months, we will be undertaking extensive consultation with staff, students and selected stakeholders. The discussion paper was the first step in facilitating feedback and submissions from staff. Staff have the opportunity to provide feedback via online submissions. Campus fora have also been run as an additional form of staff engagement.

Following this process of engagement, and circulation of resultant Green Paper, a report on the consultation process was presented at the October 2017 Board of Trustees meeting and a revised Strategic Plan will be presented to the December meeting of the Board.

Any proposed change will take place in accordance with the Enterprise Agreement and will include consultation with the unions.

Your Feedback

Please take the time to read the 'Consultation on the Strategic Plan and Academic Structure' papers, available in the right hand column, and provide feedback. We welcome comments, both of a general nature and those which specifically address the concerns around the academic structure of the University. Feedback can be provided via the feedback form or at one of the campus forums.

Next steps



12 May – 5 June

Initial discussion and consultation

14 June

Draft discussion (Green) paper to WSU Executive

23 June

Draft discussion (Green) paper to Academic Senate

10 July

WSU Executive consideration of feedback, including Academic Senate feedback

26 June – 16 July

Inter-session break

10 July – 17 July

White Paper prepared for circulation

17 July – 11 August

Consultation on White paper

9 August

Update on consultation process to Board of Trustees

18 August

Revised White Paper to Academic Senate

18 September

Revised White Paper to WSU Executive

11 October

Final Draft for Board of Trustees

16 October

Commencement of Formal Consultation for Change process (if needed)

20 October

Draft Revised Strategic Plan to Academic Senate

30 October

Draft Revised Strategic Plan to WSU Executive

19 November

Spring Session ends

6 December

Revised Strategic Plan to Board of Trustees