Decadal Strategies

Optimising the Future

Optimising the Future (PDF, 15228.17 KB) (opens in a new window) envisions a transformational STEM future for Western Sydney and beyond. We present an integrated vision, wherein STEM fields work with health and humanities and social sciences disciplines to provide quality STEM education and fruitful pathways into the STEM workforce for the people of Western Sydney.

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Sustainability and Resilience 2030

Sustainability and Resilience 2030 (PDF, 8740.45 KB) (opens in a new window) is a call to come together as a community around key aspirations that frame a vision for just transitions to sustainable ways of living that leave no one behind. It asks us all to proactively recognise and reimagine the interdependence of life, starting within our region Greater Western Sydney, and also to recognise the contribution that we have in a wider global context. It asks us to reimagine the transitions that are urgently needed to tackle the challenges of the 21st century that are so profoundly redefining human social life.

SRDS Cover

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Western Sydney Creative

Western Sydney Creative is a comprehensive strategy that details Western Sydney University’s long-term commitment to the arts and culture in our region and beyond.

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Flight Path

Flight Path details Western Sydney University’s long-term commitment to maximising the social, cultural and economic benefits of the coming Western Sydney Airport for our region. The strategy is crucial to ensuring that Western Sydney, the nation’s third largest economy and fastest growing region, determines its own future.

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Western Health

The heath challenges our region faces in the coming decades are big, but Western Sydney University’s resolve is strong. With our community, government and industry partners, we are transforming the way we engage with the health and wellbeing of Western Sydney. This strategy sets out our teaching, research and collaborative commitment in the most vital and important area of our region’s continued development.

University's Decadal Strategy for Health PDF thumbnail

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