Board of Trustees Professional Development

Induction Program

A formal induction program is provided for all new members of the Board. This is led by the University Secretary and General Counsel.

New members are provided with the following documents when advised of their appointment or election to the Board:

  • Western Sydney University Act 1997
  • Western Sydney University By-law 2005
  • List of Members of the Board of Trustees
  • Corporate Governance for the Board of Trustees
  • Director's Duties and Responsibilities
  • Code of Conduct
  • Standing Orders
  • Pocket Profile
  • Strategic Plan
  • Annual Report (most recent)
  • Commercial Activities Guidelines and Declaration of Interests form
  • Statement by a member of Board of Trustees acknowledging their role, responsibilities and duties

The University's Act now includes a specific reference to induction and professional development, s. 22(1B)(l).

Professional Development Policy

The Board of Trustees adopted the following statement related to professional development as contained in the following extract from the minutes of the Board's meeting in August 2003:

3.1.1 Role and Performance of the Board and University Governance
Item d) Professional Development Policy for Board members

It was resolved, without discussion, that:

the Board of Trustees endorse the following components of a Policy on Professional Development for Members of the Board of Trustees:

  1. New Members will be provided with an Induction program, and appropriate core documentation, to ensure they are informed about Directors Duties generally, and within the legislative and administrative context of the UWS Board of Trustees;
  2. The University will undertake to provide appropriate ongoing opportunities for Members of the Board of Trustees to develop their skills in undertaking their duties as Directors; and
  3. Professional development workshops, organised by the University's Organisational Development Unit, on current important governance topics will be one form of development activity.

Professional development needs are canvassed as part of the formal assessment and performance evaluation conducted by the Board.

Organisational Development Unit

The University's Office of Organisational Development offers a wide range of programs for staff and Board members are welcome to participate in any of these activities.

The University also funds members to undertake external programs relevant to their role with the Board. Some members have undertaken the formal Company Director Course run by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Assessment and Performance

Each year the Board schedules the first meeting of the year for consideration of governance issues. The Board undertakes on a biannual basis a formal evaluation of its operations and performance using a survey instrument developed for Board members.

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