Resources for Committee Secretaries

The Secretariat is responsible for providing support to Academic Senate and its Standing Committees listed in Part A of the Academic Senate Standing Committees Policy.

Senate Committees supported by the Secretariat (Part A)

Academic Senate

Academic Senate Executive

Academic Planning and Courses Approvals Committee
Assessment Committee

Research Studies Committee

Education Committee
Senate Academic Appeals and Integrity Committee Student Experience and Engagement Committee  Research Committee

The School committees listed under Part B of the Policy are serviced by School professional staff.

School Academic Committee (SAC) SAC Executive School/Institute Research and Higher Degrees Committee

This page has been developed as a resource for professional staff servicing these school committees, and any other staff who may assume the role of committee secretary as part of their duties.

The primary responsibility of the committee secretary is to work in partnership with the Chair of the committee to manage the business of the committee.  This may include maintaining the membership list, organising meetings, preparing agendas and writing minutes.

Secretariat Governance Officers can provide mentoring assistance to professional staff assuming the committee secretary roles.

Secretariat, Governance OfficerContacts 
Ms Christine Sharpe

ext 1375
Mr Graham Ramsay

ext 1579
Ms Angela MacDonald

ext 1368
Mrs Kylie Cooke leave
Ms Emma Rich   ext 1422
Ms Desiree Mulley ext 1611
Ms Debbie Taylor ext 1553
Ms Theresa Moody ext 1733
Ms Jo ext 1728
Ms Ruby ext 1497
Ms Vicky van Beest ext 1471
Ms Emily 1293
Ms Emma 1733
Ms Angela 1489

Hannah McLean
Company Secretary (Entities) and Associate Director, Secretariat
Office of Governance Services
Phone: 4570 1347