Mental Health & Wellbeing

To keep us all safe, Student Services (Counselling, Disability, Welfare Services and Student Central) will be moving to online support and services - phone, email and chat contact details remain the same.

Mental Health & Wellbeing is everyone's business. Achieving and maintaining good mental health and wellbeing lets us live the way we want.

There are times when we may be affected by mental health changes that can impact on our daily life or cause concern in some way. Mental health changes can affect the way we think and alter how we apply ourselves in study and work. We may handle everyday situations differently or our relationships may be impacted.

This site offers a number of resources which may help you maintain positive mental health and wellbeing. You may also use them if you are concerned about a mental health changes for yourself, a family member, friend or colleague. You will also find details of training which is available to staff and students to support others.

Students and staff are encouraged to access free, confidential counselling services for additional support. Students are able to use the free Western Sydney University Counselling Service for telephone or Zoom counselling - or try eCounselling online. Staff are invited to use the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) if you are seeking counselling or support.

Australian University Mental Health Framework

The framework provides guidance for mentally healthy university settings that support student mental health and wellbeing in collaboration with the mental health sector. The framework is structured around six principles that support student mental health and wellbeing and may inspire discussion, promote new thinking and interventions, and facilitate evaluation and learning.