Construct NSW - Survey on Digitalisation of Construction

Survey on Digitalisation of Construction

The c4SMC was awarded a research project by the Office of Building Commissioner NSW titled ‘Survey on Digitalisation of Construction’ on 15th June 2020. This contract research valued at AUD$78,800 (excl. GST) is led by chief investigators Professor Srinath Perera and Associate Professor Xiao-Hua Jin and supported by researchers Kasun Gunasekara and Marini Sam.

Survey on Digitalisation of Construction

The overall objective of this study is to develop a feasible baseline benchmark and appropriate level of digitalisation in producing and submitting building drawings to government portals in NSW and identify the factors that have an impact on the achievement of the best practice, both positively and negatively.  The research aims to develop a strategic framework for digitalisation of class 2 designs and as-built drawing declarations for class 2 buildings that facilitates practicable and effective implementation, and enhances industry capability to meet the requirements of the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020.

The study will focus on NSW construction industry. Data collection will happen via questionnaire survey and series of interviews. The target population will consist of all design and building practitioners engaged in the design and building work related to Class 2 buildings in New South Wales. The relevant industry associations representing developers, designers, contractors, and software service providers have agreed to promote this research to their membership. It is expected that the survey will be carried out in September 2020.

A preliminary report and a final report will be prepared and submitted to the NSW Government through the Office of Building Commissioner in September and December 2020, respectively. It is planned that major findings be disseminated in a community roundtable event, which will be jointly hosted by c4SMC and Office of the NSW Building Commissioner, attended by invited professionals from the industry, and broadcast live to the community. The project will conclude in December 2020.

This research will be the first of its type in assessing where the mainstream industry digital capability lays in NSW.

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