Future Constructors

The Centre for Smart Modern Construction is focused on investing in new areas of research and academic resources to ensure our next generation of graduates are future-ready.

By 2025 the Construction Management program at Western Sydney University will have graduated over 1500 new constructors. Many of these will become important players in the enterprises that will deliver Western Sydney construction projects in the future. They will not be limited to working in Western Sydney construction enterprises but many will continue to base their homes and businesses here.

It is these future constructors and the enterprises they will lead that will unlock Western Sydney’s potential to power our economy throughout the 21st century. Achieving this will require input from many organisations. To inspire and teach these constructors we will need the best evidence-based insights and resources to allow them to get ahead of the game and stay there. As stakeholders in this future this is the time to invest.

High Achiever Undergraduate Scholarships

The centre will announce the first two High Achiever Scholarships for undergraduates approaching the end of their studies in April. These are the first of a program that is planned to offer up to six scholarships each year by 2020. The eligibility criteria will be reviewed by Industry and the University to make these scholarships highly prized and recognised. Many achievers will compete to secure these scholarships.

Applications for this scholarship are now closed - will be opening again soon.

Eligibility - Continuing students in the Bachelor of Construction Management (CM)

Criteria - Applicants must: be Australian citizens or permanent residents, be currently enrolled in the third or fourth year of the CM program, have completed at least 160 credit points, have a minimum GPA of 5.0, and be able to demonstrate excellent communication skills and industry knowledge